Pre-game Information & reminders
With only a couple of days left until we open the doors to a new and exciting Berget 16, there are a couple of things we would like to remind you of.

There has still been very little rain in Sollefteå, so the Fire Ban is still in effect. There will be more information while you guys checked in, but as always you are not allowed to light ANY Fire until it has been inspected by Berget Events. There is some rain forecasted during the week, but mostly fantastic weather. Remember that your skin is waterproof, but for your own comfort, make sure you bring plenty of extra socks and clothes you can change into if you get wet.
There will be cheap dry wirewood for sale in the shops.
Remember to withdraw cash and bring to the game. The money in the ATMs in Sollefteå is very limited.

With the last month of extremely dry weather and the upcoming rain, mosquitos will be plenty and hungry, so bring the best bug repellent. This can be bought at all the stores in Sollefteå aswell as the safezone shop.

This means that you cannot sign in and you are not allowed to enter the game area before this time. You are however welcome to visit and ask questions if needed.
If you arrive in Sollefteå before tuesday you need to find other accommodations. The bases are not availible before tuesday morning.

You are allowed to drive to your base with off-game vehicles to drop of gear, but you are not allowed to park your vehicles in or around the base. Try to carpool to and from the safezone if needed. Any off-game vehicles parked in the game area will be towed away and you will be billed for the cost.  Off-game vehicles parked on the game area are a safety risk, but also are the ways of semitrucks and wheelloaders coming with water, toilets, showers and more.
You may see things in the game area between safezone and your base but you are not allowed to scout them out in any way. Until game start, you are not allowed to be anywhere except in your base. Pre-game scouting is considered cheating, and gamemasters regualry go around the area.

We are very happy to see you all again this year, and i hope you all have an fantastic game!
Tank rules update
During Berget games you can encounter real tracked tanks and armored vehicles. They will always have a GM or Trustee inside and the crew can be identified by their yellow crew armband or crew west / helmet. They are OFF-GAME, do not shoot at the crew! Tanks and armored vehicles can only be eliminated by BAVS.

When tanks must go off-road, turn or reverse, one of the crew will make sure that the terrain around is clear. When encountering a tank, it is every players responsibility to keep a safe distance from the tank. It is absolutely prohibited to climb, stand or lay in the path or vicinity of a moving tank under any circumstances regardless if you are in- or off-game, on foot or in a vehicle.

Tanks have a reinforced active armor. Anti-Tank weapons only have a 33% chance to penetrate the armor and damage the tank. If the tank is hit but no damage is dealt, the BAVS will indicate a different light and no-penetration-hit audio sequence than when its damaged.

40mm grenades does little to no damage to tanks. You must use AT4 or TOW launchers.

Tanks can be equipped with a visible minesweeper in the front of the vehicle, which can instantly clear 3 lines of mines before the minesweeper is destroyed. The minesweeper can be re-equipped at home base only.

Tanks also have access to high explosive (HE) fragmentation grenades. With these grenades, the tanks can shoot against visible infantry up to 100m away. These grenades work like artillery strikes and have an area of effect where people are injured or killed. The effect of the shots will be decided by the crew GM who determines who are hit or killed. Taking cover reduce the risk of taking damage while running or standing up increase the chance of being hit.

The tank can continue to shoot as long as they can pinpoint infantry positions through the tank sight.

The GMs decision on who is hit or not is final without any discussion.
Game area maps
The game area maps with capturepoints and locations are released on your team forums. Please login to download the MGRS and satelite version of the map.

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