Contacting Berget
We will now open our switchboard so you can call us if there is anything important you need to know during your travel to Berget. Please remember that we CAN NOT change any tickets or orders.

Dont call this phone with game related queations as missions or maps. That can be arranged on site.

Our email service will be down from the 24th and after that we wont be anwsering emails before the end of Berget 9.

Berget phone

+46-611 505 498

We can be out prepairing for the game, so if no-one anwsers please try again.

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 Jun 2011 - 08:37 ---

Grenades at Berget!
Last week Chris over at Airsoft innovations sent us some Tornado impact grenades for testing. This is the first airsoft grenade that really works! This little bugger shoots 180+ bb´s all over the place. So if in urban terrain (Janco) these might be in handy to clear out enemies from buildings and bunkers.

We will have these grenades for sale in our Berget shop onsite and we will also have some as give-aways in pre game competitions!

For more info about the grenades check airsoft innovations webpage or youtube!
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 22 Jun 2011 - 02:03 ---

Money onsite.
We will only accept cash in the onsite shops and at check-in. Please also keep in mind that we only accept swedish krona (SEK) or EURO (Not any coins). So if you have pre booked anything in the Berget shop or are planning to buy anything from the onsite kiosks, bring hard cash to the game.

There is ATM machines accepting VISA or mastercard inside of Harnosand town and you can also withdraw money at the airport or trainstation.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 Jun 2011 - 08:40 ---

Pre-booked Berget transport service
If you are going to use the Berget transport service, please do not forget to email your departures and arrival times to so our crew know when to pick you up.

When you arrive you can call our switchboard.

+46-611 505 498

Press # 2 for transport
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 Jun 2011 - 21:40 ---

Berget 9 is closing in!
With only 8 days left to the opening of Berget 9 check-in we have some important reminders for all players.

* Bring photo-id / passport and your ticket-id to checkin.

* Gamearea and check-in opens thuesday morning 09:00, do not go to safezone or gamearea before that. If you arrive early, stay at hotel, hostel or camping.

* Create your team-arband with your armbandnumber on it.

* Bring your orange deadrag

* If you are bringing a vehicle, make sure you have your team colorflag and front windshield marking on it.

* Bring all your guns to check-in chroning.

* Read all info on the "veterans" part on our forum.

* Read all info once more on this website.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 Jun 2011 - 10:44 ---

Important clarification
Just to avoid any missunderstandings. The shipping adress for guns and gear are not a location for players to visit. All packages will be taken to Safezone and checkin by Berget cargo truck. You pick your gear up in Safezone and if you have return shipping arranged you leave it in Safezone after the game.

The game area or safezone is not at the shipping adress!

Click here for safezone location. More info under top bar "info".

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 08 Jun 2011 - 23:56 ---

The final Poldavian commander selected.
Alexander "Mixmaster" Kvale from Norway has been selected as commander for Poldavian 1st Mechanized battalion. Alexander is 31 years old and has been to three previous Berget-games. When not doing airsoft Alexander is working as a ballistic test engineer for ammunition and missile systems.

Alexander: -" There is no winning or loosing in Airsoft. It´s the way getting there that counts. But I hope people will follow orders and work as a team. There is also no "I" in airsoft. We have to obey orders and know that we all are just one tiny brick in a big puzzle. There is no room for "solo players" in my beloved battalion. "

You can apply for a officer possition or contact Alexander at our forum. His nickname is "Mixmaster".
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 29 May 2011 - 23:02 ---

The Bollé winners
Congratulations!!! The following players have a Bollé Tactical RAIDER spectacle to pick up at check-in. Just provide your ticket- id and claim your price. For all other "not-so-fast" players, keep cheking our webpage and forum more often. There will be more give-aways.

The winners:

Jukka Kauppila - Finland
Johan Risch - Sweden
Jevgeni Dudinov - Estonia
Strompers Pascal - Belgium
Ido Meged - Israel
Gabriel Nyberg - Sweden
Rob McKerron - United kingdom
Mikael Hittersten - Sweden
Ainar Drews - Norway
Jesper kristensen - Denmark
John gallagher - Ireland
Dutch Niels - Netherlands
Fredrik Olsson - Sweden
Johan Ringkvist - Sweden
Omer Katz - Israel
Federico Sarnari - Italy
Johan Östlund - Sweden
Alan concannon - Ireland
Jannik Aspelund - Norway
Alexander Jansson - Sweden
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 27 May 2011 - 09:05 ---

Win Bollé Tactical glasses!
Staffan over at C2 Vertical Safety glasses sent us his full product range
of Bollé Tactical products for testing! We from Berget crew was very
impressed with these models and Staffan decided to provide all Berget crew &
gamemasters with Bollé Tactical RAIDER. But he also provided 20 x give-a ways
for the Berget-players.

So the first 20 players that have a paid ticket and can send us an email to with topic "Bollé Tactical" and ticket ID as message will win a Bollé Tactical RAIDER spectacle to pick up at check-in!

We will post lucky winners here!

Bollé Tactical products will from now on also be available in our online-shop and on-site.

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 24 May 2011 - 21:12 ---

Last chance for airsoft pre-orders!
We will soon close down the shop for pre orders! This is your last chance to get GAS, BBs, Co2 etc deliverd to the gamesite.

Here is the shop!

Don´t forget the "pay on Berget" option which means you can book an item and pay for it at check-in.

It can be problems to bring your airsoft GAS through customs or by airplane and Berget-events don´t have a large suply of gas except the pre-orders.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 13 May 2011 - 00:18 ---

Commander selected for Poldavian 320th
Anton "spin_t" Tudor has been selected as commander for the Poldavian 320th Field Artillery Milsim unit. This unit will operate the first heavy ingame field artillery used at Berget-games, it will be a demanding job and this unit will be a primary target for all oposing forces.

Anton is 37 years old and have been to one previous Berget-game. He has done his military service in Romania as a Sergeant.

Anton -"Like airsoft player I am more close to the hardcore milsim type. I´m sure the Poldavians will prevail against any bad weather or strong enemy."

You can contact Anton at our forum. His nickname is "Spin_t"
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 May 2011 - 23:50 ---

The final player lockdown & forum openings
We will soon close down the registration of new tickets and all sales of second hand tickets. This will be done on the first of may 2011.

Please keep in mind that if you already sent us an email with a ticket-change or sale it will be changed directly or after the first of may. So you dont need to worry about not getting it changed. But we won´t accept new ticket-change requests after the first of may.

The private-team forum will open during the first week of may, instructions on how to request membership correctly will be posted on the forum and here on the news.

Inside the private team-forum you will be able to find: main missions, maps, meet commanders and other teams.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 28 Apr 2011 - 00:52 ---

Interview with a Berget 9 player.
As usual we always do a pre-berget interview with players new to Berget. This year we have Tony Jordan from New Zealand taking his first trip to Berget.

Read the complete interview here.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 Apr 2011 - 09:43 ---

NAF 3rd Rangers, Commander selected.
Vladimir "KVS" Koukoushkin has been selected as commander for the NAF 3rd Rangers Milsim unit. Vladimir is 36 years old and have been to two previous Berget-games. The NAF rangers are one of the Berget Milsim units and will have lot more physically challenging missions.

Vladimir -"Cheating is for losers! Fair-play is a must for all NAF Rangers. This game will be a challenge for us but we´ll do the job together in any conditions.I will provide much fun for all the Rangers. Just get ready."

You can contact Vladimir at our forum and apply for a officer possition. His nick is "KVS"
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 04 Apr 2011 - 21:37 ---

Shipping adress 2011
The Berget 9 shipping adress for weapons and gear:

Berget Events
Schenker AB
Terminalvägen 3
Phone +46-611 505 498 (For shipping company only)

Remember to check the delivery time before sending, if you don´t use speed post it can take over 3 weeks before the package arrives to us.

There is an administrative fee "60 EURO" per package (max 75 KG) for this service and you will have to pay this cash at check in to recive your goods. The administrative fee for a pallet (max 800 KG) is "150 EURO"

We strongly recommend that you book the return shipping as well for pickup on the same address thuesday 5th of July 2011. This will in most cases be cheaper than contacting a Swedish company.

Dont send your gear before 20th of may 2011.

If you have any questions about this service, please contact us
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 29 Mar 2011 - 19:05 ---

Major rules update!
We have conducted a major review of the rules. Some new rules been added to the the Berget rule book. Some old rules have been clarified and updated to avoid missunderstandings.

Here are a list of new things:

- 40mm Bavs grenades
- Fortified positions
- Suicide bombers

Updated rules:

- Handguns are limited to a maxiumum of 109 m/s
- The respawn rule is clarified
- Medics can now carry 20 bandages

There are also some other minor updates, please read our This is the rules page for for more info.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 20 Mar 2011 - 16:43 ---

Janco - Job Offer.
The Firm is well established within the region, including Liburania and Poldavia. The services of this company are used widely by the local and regional entrepreneurs - also by the farmers of Janco. In the past, several international companies have also relied on the Firm´s help in importing much needed goods, services, and more importantly foreign capital to the region. These same businesses are also exporting the plentiful resources of the three main regional governments and offering this way a needed relief to the countries and people torn asunder by the years of hardship brought by the unnecessary struggles and civil disorder.

The Firm has acknowledged with pleasure the recent UN intervention to the region as a positive sign of change for the better for the Poldavian people. The regional Firm representative for Janco district has assured to the UN command that the presense of the Firm is not a problem to the UN peace-keeping operation, but in fact may be an asset in the aid of the people."

If you live in the Janco area and are interested of earning a few Berget dollars, you might want to contact The firm. Pete are the sales and personnel manager of the Janco office and can be found daytime in his office inside the town.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 Mar 2011 - 08:44 ---

The last village-elder selected.
Mikael "Tor" Olsson has been selected as the third village elder of Janco. Mikael is 39 years old and are currently working as a system architect. Mikael did hes first berget last year but has proven his enthusiasm for LARP and organizing skills. He will work together with Robman and TheMayor to protect the interests of the civilian population during the game.

Mikael -" Players in the civilian faction often have there own personal ambitions and goals.I respect that and will encourage people to do what they want and just have fun. Ill just bring order and organization if or when needed.

You can contact Mikael at our forum by sending him a PM. his nickname is "Tor".
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 17 Mar 2011 - 22:41 ---

The second village-elder has been selected!
Johan "TheMayor" Högberg has been selectad as one of the townelders in Janco city. Johan is a wellknown player and have participated in 3 previous Berget-games. Johan is 31 years old and works as a teacher.

Johan "- I will do my best to add a interesting character to this years game and to meet new and old friends"

You can contact Johan at our forum. His nickname is "themayor"
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 16 Mar 2011 - 01:13 ---

The first village-elder selected
Robert "Robman" Manore have been selected to be one of the three town elders in the Janco city. Robert is 37 years old and is working as manager for a shootingrange. Robert have experience from 2 previous Berget-games.

The town elders will work as leaders for all civilian fraction and groups, Robert and the other elders will also moderate the civilian forums.

Robman: - "Janco City will be a great place to be and we will have a lot of fun making new friends and enhancing the game. I expect all that come to Janco City to have an open mind, have fun, and be safe."

You can contact Robert at our forum, his nickname is "Robman".
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 Mar 2011 - 00:44 ---

UN commander selected
Fredrik "Freno" Norsten has been selected to lead the UN forces during Berget 9. Freno is a player with experience in four previous Berget-games and as BAT commander in one. Freno is 41 years old.

Freno - "Keep in mind that this is not the "real" UN, this is a UN force in a fictive world with a similar function. We will operate in this area to protect the civilians and we will use deadly force if necessary.

You can contact Fredrik directly and and apply for a HQ or officer position by sending him a PM at our forum. Fredrik´s nick is "Freno".

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 01 Mar 2011 - 00:07 ---

Removal of unpaid tickets.
During the past 8 weeks we have removed over 150 unpaid tickets gradually. We want to remind you to pay your ticket-fee within 30 days of booking or else it will be removed.

We will be closing down the ticket sales later this spring so it can be too late getting a new one. If you are missing a ticket to a maxed out side, there might be some unpaid tickets left. Just email us to and we will check if there is any avaible.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 Feb 2011 - 20:37 ---

WANTED: Town elders
We are currently looking to fill three of the more important positions for our ingame town Janco. You who apply need to have experience in leadership, acting and have a passion for LARP. We would like to see that you are over thirty years of age. You will be playing the town elders who are the leaders of Janco and the representatives of the different family clans. Your main goal will be to keep the family united and protect the villagers together with UN forces.

Please send your application to with the topic "Town Elders"
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 08 Feb 2011 - 19:14 ---

NAF 6th Airborne Commander selected
We have selected Francisco "Blackwolf" Costa Lobo to lead NAF 6th Airborne Battalion. Francisco have been to 4 previous Berget games and have been a Coy or Bat commander on several games, he is 43 years old and is currently working with his own company.

Francisco -"I hope that all 6th NAF players get there and enjoy themselves under my command and have great sucess in their given missions, to those for the first time under my command, you will enjoy BERGET!"

You can contact Francisco directly and and apply for a HQ or officer position by sending him a PM at our forum. Francisco nick is "blackwolf".

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 08 Feb 2011 - 16:29 ---

NAF 1st Mechanized commander selected
Michael Blosen has been selected as commander for the mobile infantry units of NAF. Michael is a 50+ old gentleman and has been a commander on 3 previous Berget-games, he is currently working as a flight instructor.

Michael: -"I always enjoy being at Berget and I always try and make the best I can to make the event a success for all concerned."

If you have a vehicle and are playing on the NAF side, you must contact Michael Blosen directly and report your vehicle. Also feel free to step up and apply for a HQ or officer position by sending him a PM at our forum. Michael´s nick is "ober-lix".

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 07 Feb 2011 - 19:24 ---

3rd Montaineers commander selected.
Anders "Tiger1" Morgan is reselected as commander for the poldavian 3rd montaineers milsim unit. Anders is 33 years old and works for the Norwegian armed forces. He also has experience from Berget 5,6,7, 8 and was Bat Cmd at Berget 8.

Anders: -"The 3rd will be a milsim unit, I expect all members of the 3rd to be up to the task, and follow the great unit tradition from last year. See you all in the field."

You can contact Anders directly and and apply for a HQ or officer position by sending him a PM at our forum. Anders nick is "tiger1".
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 Jan 2011 - 11:07 ---

The first battalion commander selected.
Kris Saw has been selected to lead the Poldavian 5th Infantry Battalion. Kris is a well known international airsoft player with experiences as coy and bat commander in five previous Berget-games and several other international games. Kris is 31 years old and works as a IT consultant.

Kris Saw: - "I look forward to seeing many familiar faces and meeting a new batch of players. I am positive the players signed up for the 5th will work with me to make B9 great.

You can contact Kris directly and and apply for a HQ or officer position by sending him a PM at our forum. Kris nick is "kjsaw".
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 11 Jan 2011 - 22:49 ---

Commander selection
With most of the players fixed into all sides we will now start to select Battalion and Company commanders to each side. Since this is a very important task we take this selection under great consideration before choosing. The commanders are in fact the link between game-crew and participants. They play a key role for game-flow and are also handing out missions and orders from Game-HQ.

You can apply for a commanding role such as Battalion or company commander by sending an email to with the topic: "COMMANDER".

Personal data needed:
Age, Name, Nickname, picture, atleast 2 preferred sides / teams to command.

We want a short intel on your previous leadership experiences, both civilian and military. You will also need to explain how you can contribute to a better and more fun experience for all players in your team.

If you have already been a Berget commander, none of the above intel (except 2 preferred sides / teams) is not necessary to attach.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 19 Dec 2010 - 21:12 ---

Ticket payments.
Please be aware that you will need to pay your ticket soon if you booked it at the first ticketrelease (92 EURO tickets), the payment deadline is thuesday 30th of november. We will start removing and re-selling all unpaid tickets in early december.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 27 Nov 2010 - 22:06 ---

More tickets !
More UN, Civilian and NAF-tickets are out. The price is 122 EURO each.

Book your tickets HERE
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 21 Nov 2010 - 20:04 ---

Poldavian tickets are released!
You will now be able to get your hands on 170 more Poldavian tickets. The price is 122 EURO each. Next december batch will be less cheap.

Book your poldavian tickets HERE
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 14 Nov 2010 - 20:09 ---

New NAF tickets out!
You can now book new tickets to all NAF sides. If you allready have a paid ticket to any other side and want to change to a NAF team, just email us with your ticket-id on

Book tickets HERE

Check players-list HERE to see booked players.

------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 07 Nov 2010 - 20:00 ---

New Berget 9 tickets!
We have after long discussions decided to release more tickets to Berget 9. We have however not decided how many, only the fact that we need to release them in batches to be able to maintain the control over the team balance.

First out will be all NAF teams, the price will be 122 EURO. If you allready have a paid ticket to any other team-side, you can change into NAF teams for free. The new tickets will be released sunday the 7th of november 20:00 CET.

Poldavian tickets will be released 14th of november, UN & Civilians will be released the 21th of november 20:00 CET. The ticket amount of these releases will depend on how many NAF tickets that are paid and ready, the price will be 122 EURO.

Tickets that are released in the "new" ticketreleases will be locked to the team the ticket was bought to.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 04 Nov 2010 - 20:50 ---

Payment e-mails
Our e-mail service became overheated last night during the ticket release, which is probably the main reason that some players did not receive any confirmation mail with payment details.

If you did not receive any mail, please contact with name, nickname and if possible the ticket ID, and we will re-send the payment information.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 01 Nov 2010 - 22:48 ---

New Ticket record!
This year our server went on its knees when several thousand visitors stormed our website. We where delayed with putting up the booking link, but after we got it up the first 1000 tickets went out in 9 minutes.

Check players-list HERE to see booked players.

There are several hundred players that did not have the chance to get hold of tickets.

We will have a game-master meeting later this week and after we looked over the game-balance, we are thinking of releasing more tickets to some factions.

Stay tuned for more info.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 31 Oct 2010 - 21:24 ---

4 hours left to the Berget 9 Tickets!
You will soon be able to get your hands on a ticket to Berget 9 summer 2011. You might allready have decided which team to book too, but we strongly adwise you to read the teams-page one last time and think about the things below:

- A MILSIM unit might not be the right team for the action hungry Berget-first timer.

- The Mechanized units are mainly for players with vehicles, these units are NOT for players that are lazy and don´t like to walk. Don´t count on getting your ass in a vehicle if booking to this unit without a own vehicle. Count on running behind one!

- Don´t sign up as platoon or company commander if you have no commanding experience or leadership skills.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 31 Oct 2010 - 16:16 ---

Berget 9 Ticket release & 35 % discount on BB´s
With only two days left to the Berget 9 ticketrelease we have some good news! When booking your ticket you will be able to add BB´s (Blaster, 0.25g - 3000 pcs) with 35 % discount. You will then reccive your BB´s at the Berget 9 check-in on gamesite.

There are several benefits with pre-buying your BB´s through Berget:

* You will get a lower price
* You don´t pay any shipping fee
* You don´t have to travel with them

The Berget-online shop will open in late-november with several more BB options, guns, BAVS & airsoft accessories. All to be reccived at game-site.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 29 Oct 2010 - 10:26 ---

Paypal problems
When paying your ticket to Berget 9 you won´t be able to pay through paypal like previous years. We have decided to stop using paypal due to huge problems and financial risks. Paypal have several times during the last year locked our account funds for 3-4 month´s without anwsering emails or phone. We cannot work under such circomstances and are now taking the neccesary steps to end our business with paypal.

You will however be able to pay through, VISA, MASTERCARD, Bankwire transfer & Swedish Bankgiro. Any problems and if you need help with your payment. Just contact
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 18 Oct 2010 - 19:48 ---

Welcome to the new Berget 2011 website!
Berget 9 is the continuation of the annual events organized by the Berget-events. Berget 9 is an airsoftgame for anyone who loves airsoft beyond Speedball, like authentic military feel and props. Participants work together in teams and each team has a military structure and overall objectives that the participants must follow. There will also be more focus on the integration bettwen LARP and airsoft-elements to give missions greater meaning.

During the event, you have the opportunity to experience firefights with hundreds of players at the same time, military bases, attacks on vehicles convoys and maybe even Airsoft tanks fighting. And since we will put alot of focus on expanding our ingame town of Janco from previous games (Berget 7), you will also have the opportunity for some CQB.

If Berget 9 is your first Berget-game you need to read carefully all the information on our website and read the Veterans corner in our forum. If you have problems working with others or dreams about shooting non-stop, we ask you to go to a local weekend game.

The tickets will be sold at a 30 EURO discount at the first release and following this tickets prices will increase at the end of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

This year we will integrate parts of the webshop into the bookingsystem, giving you the opportunity to order BB´s directly when booking your ticket to exceptionally low prices. These BB´s will be delivered at checking, saving you the trubble to carry them with you on your trip to Berget 9.

In the safe zone you will find airsoft related companies showing and selling a wide array of weapons and gear. On saturday after the game has ended we will hold a beer-party so all of you can mingle while swapping stories from the game.
------------------------------- END OF CONTENT ------------------------------------------------------------------------ 30 Sep 2010 - 01:27 ---

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