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by dacanadianbomb
05 Oct 2010, 22:23
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: Your best Berget 8 moment!
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Maybe not best moment, but I had a great time when the Pol 3rd was standing around Crossroads waiting for orders. A ATV came with Berget-Crew came driving, and the whole force fled to the forest in case of arty. In a matter of seconds EVERYONE was gone, and a confused Berget-Crew stood alone in the...
by dacanadianbomb
05 Oct 2010, 22:08
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: How did you manage the mosquitoes?
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Djungeoljia or whatever it was called, held the bastards at about 20 cm away from my body, not nice having them around, but generally acceptable.
by dacanadianbomb
05 Oct 2010, 22:06
Forum: Berget 8
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Maybe one day, you are in a position to be among such men as the 3rd ranger base had. Men who know what personal responsibility means. This statement is one part hommage, one part old fashion verbal pwnage. Embrace the suck and crack on I was unaware of any great inbalance during the game, as we ha...
by dacanadianbomb
05 Oct 2010, 21:34
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: How to win a Berget game !
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"You can't have fun in MILSIM unit if you are not MILSIM type of player. We have fun even if we do not sleep and eat, if there is rain , cold or snow, if our officer tells us that we need to go all the way down to other unit base. " This is something I cannot emphasize enough. Know what you will lik...