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by Haiden
04 Feb 2012, 09:37
Forum: Airsoft guns & equipment
Topic: Chest Rigg or Vest?
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Because of my back and shoulders dont manage high loading, (sunday play is ok but not longer plays) i have bought, tested and sold many different vests, many of them are ok, but chestrigg u really feel light, but i never liked to have a backpack with a chestrigg couse the shoulderstraps from the bac...
by Haiden
16 Nov 2011, 19:30
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: Berget 9 movie? *berget-events*
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Berget 9 movie? *berget-events*


How it's going with Berget 9 movie? the 8 was released in oktober last year, now its november, i want to see your movie soon it warms up! :D :D
by Haiden
20 Jun 2010, 03:22
Forum: Berget 8
Topic: THE BIG Thanks to thread!
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i would like to thank ASOG team and norwegian battalion commandern for nice company in the NAF 5:th camp!