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by PKE
27 Dec 2009, 19:36
Forum: Berget media
Topic: Tank Attack on NATO base Berget 7
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Tank Attack on NATO base Berget 7

Tank Attacks Main gate on NATO base at Berget 7. filmed by yours truly.
by PKE
27 Dec 2009, 04:44
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: The MRE stomach
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sierrasierranorway wrote:MRE sucks, try instead REAL Turmat or DRYTECK as many in Norway call it. The best field food ever. Sorry webpage in Norwegian.
Yes I can vouch fore those to. They taste very nice. And I did not have any problems with a runny ass. A bit pricey thou.
by PKE
14 Sep 2009, 09:03
Forum: Berget 7
Topic: three things to consider for the Berget Crew.
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As for armbands: Reduce the number of sides, and you won't need to combine colours. This would also make the other sides large enough to take on NATO. Three primary colours - three different sides. It aint that hard. I couldn’t agree more. Hwy not try out a game with just 2 sides. It will be more a...