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by [Dragoons]Troll
20 May 2017, 09:22
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: The grand CAMO thread!
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Re: The grand CAMO thread!

And some have used US woodland for 14 years. Still works :)
by [Dragoons]Troll
19 May 2017, 11:04
Forum: Veterans corner
Topic: Armband?
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Re: Armband?

Armbands only need to be correct team color and have your player ID clearly visible on it. Unit name is not needed.
by [Dragoons]Troll
19 May 2017, 06:27
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: Parking
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Re: Parking

How Close is this off game parking lot?
by [Dragoons]Troll
11 May 2017, 15:24
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: In-game Road net
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Re: In-game Road net

All roads on this years game area are considered public so the police might have a thing or 2 to say.
by [Dragoons]Troll
30 Oct 2016, 20:49
Forum: Berget 15 - Summer 2017
Topic: Rangers / Shadows selection
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Re: snipers selection

The weapon itself wont limit you, it would be the ghillie suit that would force you into specifik units.
by [Dragoons]Troll
02 Jul 2014, 20:44
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Feedback over all
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Re: Feedback over all

Moving after being hit Downed soldiers may also be moved by carrying or dragging them; to some degree, the wounded soldier may move under their own steam, but only if supported by a comrade. They may not use their weapon. From the offical rules. This is used differently from player to player but th...
by [Dragoons]Troll
04 Jul 2011, 17:48
Forum: Berget 9
Topic: The BAVS grenades
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For information. there where around 20 Bavs 40mm grenades in play.
by [Dragoons]Troll
28 Jun 2009, 12:54
Forum: Berget 7
Topic: Thanks!
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Thanks to all the people that came into bashir hostile or not. Us police officers had a great time doing our "job" around you guys. Special thanks to all the citizens of Bashir, The girls, priest, doctor, Mr casino man, Mr Banker, and even though we broke his foot the guy in the purple shirt. Also a...
by [Dragoons]Troll
01 Oct 2008, 17:58
Forum: Operation Crossroads III
Topic: Thanks for all the fun
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Big thx to all players and organisers for a great weekend
by [Dragoons]Troll
29 Sep 2008, 17:55
Forum: Operation Crossroads III
Topic: Swedish Part!
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Grymt skojigt spel. Tack till Nato för samarbetet och även till våra kära srp rebeller som stog för motståndet.

Optimus Prime out.
by [Dragoons]Troll
02 Jul 2008, 19:13
Forum: Berget media
Topic: greetings from the diplomat "you can trust me"
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Thx alot for all the gas money :D

"Salutes a fine Roleplaying airsofter"

/Tactical commander of the bandit party.
by [Dragoons]Troll
29 Jun 2008, 17:40
Forum: Berget 6
Topic: Bandits/civilians
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Id like to thank all the bandits for a great event. All from kartopfel kopf.,Magsd, Takechi Hayamoto and our three cowboy finnish guys. Hope that all the people we made deals and interacted with had as much fun as we had. Special thanks to *The Diplomat and his bodyguards. *Whiskey and his fellow sm...