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by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 23:53
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Game area
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Re: Game area

The area is great, but why not use it all ?
We have been fighting, in the same small part of the map, for the past two years.
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 13:27
Forum: Berget media
Topic: B12 Al Kazzar
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Re: B12 Al Kazzar

Losolos wrote:Al Kazzar .. dude :D

and the flags was one for orlov, one for GCT and one for UA17 ... but only you take one
How about your stars ? :P
I remember seeing them, in the hands of a Raven (along with a pair of blue ones btw)
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 13:24
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Love letters from Rico
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Re: Love letters from Rico

Stop thinking about freedom Rico, now we got you, and you will be judged for your crimes soon! President Rico, have comitted NO crimes ! You have kidnaped an innocent ruler, of a freindly, and peacefull nation. :twisted: You'd better set president Rico free, and transport him back to Lerando, with ...
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 11:53
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: Wanted Posters
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Re: Wanted Posters

They were printed by B1, of the Ravens
Try to send him a PM, I'm sure he can help :)
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 10:45
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: BAVS feedback, suggestions & problems
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BAVS feedback, suggestions & problems

This year I saw two major problems with the BAVS system. I heard a lot of accusations saying “They must have disconnected their BAVS receiver” when people did not scor hits with their 40 mm grenades. I also had problems, and only had success, on ranges of 10-15m. I have two suggestions. 1. Four “Ali...
by B2fox
30 Jun 2014, 09:13
Forum: Berget 12
Topic: @ Rico
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Re: @ Rico

Demonic wrote:Thine Ravens art ascending
Think again !

Elements of the Ravens (no names mentioned :P ) may have failed, to protect our president, but he will be rescued, and order in Lerando, will be restored.

All hail RICO