Airlines from Monaco to Sweden

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Airlines from Monaco to Sweden

Post by goymon123 » 23 Jan 2018, 12:20

Hello Gents, can you direct me to the right path which airline should I used to fly with, if I'm bringing my airsoft gun from Monaco to Sweden.

SAS is flights is From Nice - Zurich, Zurich - Sweden, vise versa.

Any suggestions lads


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Re: Airlines from Monaco to Sweden

Post by L4gi » 26 Jan 2018, 19:55

Avoid Germany and Netherlands -> youre ok.
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Re: Airlines from Monaco to Sweden

Post by Archangel-17 » 26 Jan 2018, 21:11

Make sure to contact your airline (after booking a ticket, unless option is visible during booking ticket) and discuss you bringing airsoft replica's on-board. Some do not allow you to fly with them, some want them classified as real firearms, some allow them as toys. Unfortunately there's no common rule amongst airliners, so experiences may differ.

Make sure to check this. It can mean the difference of making your flight or being grounded because 'reasons'.

What L4gi says, make sure to never have a stop-over in Germany and you'll be fine. This is because of the whole f-marked 18+ S-AEG laws in Germany.

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Re: Airlines from Monaco to Sweden

Post by Arradin » 28 Jan 2018, 00:05

If you have to go thru germany, you always have the option to send your stuff to us prior to the game.
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Re: Airlines from Monaco to Sweden

Post by pandairsoft » 22 Feb 2018, 21:47

If you go trough the Netherlands. send me a pm and we'll work it out.
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