Fadjikie legal system... Do behave

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Fadjikie legal system... Do behave

Post by matte_wo » 29 May 2015, 20:59

3 Legal system
3.1 Fadjikie law
Fadjikie Law is devided into the "Fadjikestan Constitution", and "Fadjikie Rules and regulations"

Fadjikie constitution
Fadjikie Law 1: Fadjikestan Above All
§1.1 A Fadjikie does not make any violations against the Fadjikie law
§1.2 A Fadjikie does not mistreat Fadjikestan and it’s traditions, or put the nation at risk at any circumstances. Despite any rivalry, Fadjikestan as a nation comes first. If an external threat arises, all efforts must be put in cooperation to neutralize this threat, and thus ending a declared clan-war. A declared clan-war may however continue if the external threat has been neutralized
§1.3 A Fadjikie does not treat Fadjikie men or women differently. All Fadjikies are equal, except clan-less Outcasts
§1.4 A Fadjikie does not mute or censor fellow Fadjikies opinions. All Fadjikies share freedom of speech, and the right to openly criticize all and everything
§1.5 A Fadjikie does not violently revolt against the Fadjikestan system, and instead he or she does everything in his or her power to uphold and endorse it, or present constructive ideas for improvement
§1.6 A Fadjikie does not murder fellow Fadjikies, if a state of clan-war has not been declared
§1.7 A Fadjikie does not steal from fellow Fadjikies, if a state of clan-war has not been declared
§1.8 A Fadjikie does not hurt, maim, or assault a fellow Fadjikie, if a state of clan-war has not been declared, or unless it is done during the tradition of Chabrack

Fadjikie Law 2: The Clan Above All
§2.1 A Fadjikie does not have the right to live in Fadjikestan, without adhering to a clan, except clan-less Outcasts. As punishment for serious violations against the Fadjikie Law, a Fadjikie can be damned to live clan-less under the stigma of being an Outcast, and as such loosing all rights and benefits associated with Fadjikie society and clan life
§2.2 A Fadjikie does not disobey decisions made by his or her own clan, but is free to speak his or her mind in any matter, in any way he or she chooses
§2.3 A Fadjikie does not bring harm or shame to the own clan or it’s members

Fadjike Rules & Regulations are not presented here, since it may vary from region to region, depending on local Al Kranav (police officers), and the local clan elders.

3.2 Court system
The Fadjikie court system is efficient but somewhat subjective. Every other day, a court session is announced. In court, both of the local clan elders and a Shari-lack representative, is seated as both jury and judges. Court sessions are always open for all. The local Al Kranav presents the case, the people involved, and the defendant. A Fadjikie suspected of crime, is neither guilty nor innocent, until the verdict falls. Punishments vary from fines to death sentances, but the most feared of punishments, is the one of clan exclusion. Punishment is always decided differently between each individual case, taking many factors in to account. Not all transgretions will end up in court, but a Fadjikie can allways request that his or her case is presented in a court session. A Fadjikie can also request that his or her case is presented at the "Fadjikestan Upper court of Law". This process however, can take years, and the Fadjikie will have to spend time in prison until then.

3.3 Police
Fadjikestan Police are called Al Kranav (which means "lawbringers" or “bringers of law”). Any clan member, including Shari-Lack, can apply to Al Kranav academy in Lorna, by passing physical and psychological tests, and presenting a letter of recommendation signed by both clan elders in their province. Only the most well adapted and proper recruits makes it through the Al Kranav training. Al Kranav are usually fair and juste, but also known to be almost too strict when it comes to Fadjikie law. Al Kranav sees to it that the people follow the law, where the law often in most cases comes more from tradition rather that reason.
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