Armband quality

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Armband quality

Postby Corleone » Thu 03 Nov, 2016 17:06

Hey guys!

Will the armbands sold at B15 be as shitty as the ones we saw people get handed at B14?
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Re: Armband quality

Postby Crapgame » Thu 03 Nov, 2016 20:17

BE got the critique and in your ticket ordering you could see it said Velcro armband this time.
but i always go with the safest bet and sew my own ones.
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Re: Armband quality

Postby Berget-events » Thu 03 Nov, 2016 21:04

We can confirm, they will be much better this year.

Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:
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Re: Armband quality

Postby flix » Fri 04 Nov, 2016 09:13

Crapgame wrote:BE got the critique and in your ticket ordering you could see it said Velcro armband this time.
but i always go with the safest bet and sew my own ones.

What he said.
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Re: Armband quality

Postby fruhest » Sun 06 Nov, 2016 23:28

tbh I had no real problems with the armbands last year, to call them shitty would be an exaggeration imo.
a little big for my toothpick arms maybe, but other than that, no complaints.
Yay, airsoft!
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Re: Armband quality

Postby Burger » Sat 12 Nov, 2016 22:42

Then you didnt see the ones the bandits got.
Much thicker and stiffer material, where the black numbers rubbed off easily and the straps broke off.
Glad I brought a black marker and sewing kit.
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Re: Armband quality

Postby Nilsson.F » Mon 21 Nov, 2016 21:40

We played as UPIR Infantry and our "rubber" armbands were useless. They were too big so we had to tighten them over their intended use. We brought extra pins even and that quickly proved pointless after less than a day since they broke or fell off. All of us ended up using red tape, taping it onto ours arms in order to keep it in place. Glad to hear they will be improved!

PS. The straps broke on some of ours as well.
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