Revise the "knife rule"?

General information about our next game summer 2016.

What do you prefer?

We keep the rule as it is.
We change the rule according to the suggestion.
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Re: Revise the "knife rule"?

Post by Templar » 03 Apr 2017, 21:35

Corni wrote:We are all spending somewhat four days in the woods and are camping. Of course everyone carries a utility/Army knife.

Nevertheless this thread as I understand it, is about allowing rubber knifes as well.
Rubber/plasik knifes were forbitten because everyone probably is already carrying a real knife and confusions can occur.
To be honest with somewhat 1800 Players on the field somebody is going to to something stupid eventually. I guarantee it
Which is why I'd vote for keeping the hand rule.

Greez Corni

Indeed, if someone would attack me with a "knife-looking" object, I would defend myself, this matter is for my own safety, and if this "hand" rule would change and someone who hasnt gotten a rubber knife unholster the real deal, then we and berget would get lots of issues.

If however this rule would change, it would be better if the "real" knives would be in the backpack and only taken forward when someone would need them, and then taken down in the backpack again, and no one would be allowed to have them in belt/vest or so on. Just for safety and getting away with "it might happen".
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