NEWS: Proof of UPIR Pollution - Hoax or truth?

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NEWS: Proof of UPIR Pollution - Hoax or truth?

Postby Arradin » Fri 16 Jun, 2017 10:45

June 16, 2017


In a recent article posted in an American Scientist Magazine, several american scientists who claim to have been precent in Tamm Valley during the incidents of 2016, and say they acquired proof of the Oil Polution said to have ruined the lands of Tamm Valley. The Scientists say that they gathered various samples, and were then evacuated by force by NAF Forces, and their samples were stolen.

"- There is no other explenation, NAF Must have stolen our samples " - One of the Scientists said, and he continue:
"- These samples are worth a small fortune, and whoever have the samples now could sell them for ALOT of money. "

Nordmark News (NN) Has tried to reach NAF officials for a comment, without success, but several sources that we have spoken to say that they have heard that NAF claim to have proof of the Upir Oil polution, but are yet to present any proof at all. Many say that this is just a cover to continue their high military precense in the area, while others are absolute certain that NAF does indeed have the proof. The Scientist is one of them:

"- I am right now preparing to travel back to Tamm Valley, to try to get my Samples back. I have been suggested to get in touch with local Mercenary groups north of Tamm Valley, they could possibly help me to retrieve the samples. I am almost positive that the NAF Forces still have the Samples in Tamm Valley. " He says.

UPIR Forces have declined to comment on the existance of proof against them for destroying the enviroment, the only thing they replied was " We follow all rules and regulations, and we have dont nothing but good for the Civilians of Tamm Valley " .

More to come.
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Re: NEWS: Proof of UPIR Pollution - Hoax or truth?

Postby vinni » Mon 19 Jun, 2017 16:25

The mere idea that UPIR is responsible for the high level of pollution in Tamm Valley is preposterous.
Our facility was built according to the standards of the European Environment Agency and is (was) completely compliant with both the Industrial Emissions Directive and the Water Framework Directive.


Do you have any idea of the disastrous consequences that arise by SABOTAGING AN OIL REFINERY? Without proper decommissioning, consignment of reservoirs and valves, and draining the necessary fluids, the entirety of the plant basically becomes a leaky death trap. Oil goes EVERYWHERE and due to the risk of explosion, because a) we don’t know what unexploded ordnance NAF has left behind and b) OIL IS FLAMMABLE, there is no way to safely start a cleanup. And if we do were to get it cleaned up, NAF will probably blow it up again.

The fact that NAF has taken the evidence of pollution and refuses to release it is a clear sign that the evidence they hold indicates the pollution started post-sabotage.
They are merely buying time so that they can falsify new samples in order to blame us, after which they will deny access to third party scientists based on ‘war zone risks’ so that the results cannot be peer-reviewed until the evidence has been wasted.
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