Introducing: IIP Services

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Introducing: IIP Services

Post by Berget-events » 09 Nov 2017, 13:48


With the disappearance of president Rico, legal government in the republic of Lerando collapsed.
Many Ravens left to seek their fortune in other parts of the world. But groups of Ravens, have remained in nearby regions, in the hope that their great leader returns. IIP are based on one of those groups.
Years of war and changing rule, have created a state of chaos and lawlessness, in the entire region. Acknowledging that farmers, traders and private people needed some sort of security IIP Services were formed. In the beginning protection of land and property, were the only services offered.
With at least a little security, the area has seen an increase in both business and population. This have unfortunately also brought more crime. Facing this IIP have extended its portfolio, to offer more direct action again who may harm.

Due to excellent relations with both NAF, UPIR and locals, business is booming. IIP Services are actually hiring at this time, to accommodate the rising demand. To remain 100% motorized, additional vehicles are also added to the inventory.
IIP are positive to the NORDISEC police force. A spokesman from IIP say.
“We welcome NORDISEC to the region, and look forward to see their impact. I do doubt however, that they have the firepower and local knowledge, to deal with the more hardcore militants. But we will let them know, that IIP Services, are just a phone call away, if they need help”

All applicants must be ex-military, highly skilled, in the use of weapons and explosives, and have experience with personal protection.
Applicants with access to a car, motorcycle or ATV, are preferred.



Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:

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Re: Introducing: IIP Services

Post by B2fox » 01 May 2018, 15:51

A little thing to have nice and handy, in your HQ, tent, car or just pocket.
Then help is always near.

This is just a little of what we can do...
We can to anywhere in the area quick, and have the men and tools, do do what ever it takes.
So get in touch, and see how easy, life in the region can be.


!! Local law enforcement, can expect a discount !!
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