Berget 15 Photos and Films

Media from previus events

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Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby mucia » Sun 02 Jul, 2017 21:54

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Re: Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby Carnage » Sat 08 Jul, 2017 08:31

Just came to tell you that our videos from Berget 15 are on youtube.

Main video :

First 5 second video of 2017:

Berget 7/SRP
Berget 8/Poldavian 1st infantry
Berget 9/The Firm
Berget 10/ Zansian Black guard
Berget 11/ GCT SFODU
Berget 12/ Yuri Orlov mercenaries
Berget 13/ GCT Para inf communications officer
Berget 14/ NAF HQ Communications officer
Berget 15/ NAF HQ Communications officer
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Re: Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby Zoidberg » Sun 09 Jul, 2017 04:54
Here are some of the photos taken be Team Nevermore.
And Mucia... Great photo of me in a suit :lol:
Aksel Schmidt

B7: Yori Orlovs Mercs 2, 2
B8: NAF 23th, FOX 5
B10: Poldavian Psy-ops
B11: MIA
B12: BOB
B13: Ikaros Hades
B14: Upir psy-ops
B15: defender of rights
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Re: Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby Fluffy_Fleshwall » Mon 10 Jul, 2017 07:40

What little video I managed to catch:
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Re: Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby Windi^ » Mon 10 Jul, 2017 19:29

And these red guys followed the medic rule to the letter... C'mon guys, you film your cheating, nicely done. Well, I don't think BE is interested, they don't really enforce their rules...
B5, FFF Turku-2 Squad leader
B6, SRP Snake 1-0 Platoon leader
B7, SRP Bull 1-0 Platoon leader
B8, Civilian, 6mm merc
B9, UN, 6mm Company, 1st PLT leader
B10, Zanzia, Delta plt, Link officer
B12, Yuri Orlov Mercenaries
B14, NAF HQ Intel S2
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Re: Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby Panzergraf » Fri 14 Jul, 2017 14:42
NAF Mechanized retakes the fort (CP10) a few hours before game-off.
B6, 7, 8, 9, 10, 11, 12, 13, 14, 15
B15 - NAF Mech
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Re: Berget 15 Photos and Films

Postby Crapgame » Wed 19 Jul, 2017 17:18

NAF MECHANIZED, PART 1 "one night in point 11" Enjoy and please subscribe for more videos.
B5: Allied MP
B6: Nato
B7: Nato HQ
B8: Poldavian 3rd QRF
B9: Poldavian 5th
B10: Poldavian 15th Sappers
B11: Blood Raven HQ
B12: Yuri Orlov Mercs
B13: Ikaros Mech
B14: Nordic Alliance Forces

Swedish living/working in Finland
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