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Selling or buying a ticket in secondhand.

When you are about to buy a ticket from private person, you shall look in theplayerslist if the first owner of the ticket has paid the fee to Berget-Events. In the list you will find all tickets who are paid are marked with a green v, and all non paid tickets are marked with a red x. It is only the current owner of each ticket who has mandate to shift the ticket ownership. The current owner must send information to Berget-Events declaring a change in ownership.

For all changes in ownership Berget-Events take a 15 Euro administrative fee, the new owner of the ticket will pay this fee and no transaction will be made until this fee is in our account. Berget-Events take no responsibility for transactions on the second-hand market; we will on the other hand help you in any capacity available to us to make the administrative transition as smooth as possible.

NOTE! Players that want to sell or buy a ticket in second-hand: DO NOT sell/buy it untill the ticket is checked "V" green in the players list.

Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:
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