Zoidberg Productions.

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Zoidberg Productions.

Postby Zoidberg » Thu 12 Jan, 2012 01:34

Hi guys and girls.
I've been making movies since last fall, and i think its time to share them with you.

They are filmed with a VIO 1,5 Helmet cam.

WARNING: these are not Speedball airsoft movies :P

Zoidberg productions
Aksel Schmidt

B7: Yori Orlovs Mercs 2, 2
B8: NAF 23th, FOX 5
B10: Poldavian Psy-ops
B11: MIA
B12: BOB
B13: Ikaros Hades
B14: Upir psy-ops
B15: defender of rights
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Postby Jin » Fri 13 Jan, 2012 15:40

Nice place to play:)
Berget 8: 23nd NAF - Fox 5
Berget 9: Poldavian 3rd Montaineers, 1st coy, 2nd PLTC
Berget 10: Poldavian 3rd Montaineers
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Postby SafetyTurtle » Sun 03 Jun, 2012 22:08

Worth giving it a bit of a bump since there's alot of new videos, incl. a team promo that's been uploadet.
Berget 10: Poldavian Psyops.
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