Lost and found.

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Lost and found.

Post by meister » 18 Jun 2007, 19:18

My girlfrend lost a KWC Glock 17 with metallslide during the assault on the NATO base on saturday or friday (i don't remmber which day it was).

If anyone found it she would be very happy.
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LOST: Glock 17

Post by Pharao » 18 Jun 2007, 20:41

I lended a Glock 17 to one in my group wich he lost on the last assault on the allies during the night between saturday and sunday.

It's a springer Glock 17 of the brand HFC or KFC... hmm... stupid of me and don't remember :P

If anybody have found it just PM me or something...
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Post by Rain » 18 Jun 2007, 20:48

i dropped a g19 gbb mag in the vicinity of the allied base. Thankful for pm if you've found it.

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Post by [KGW]Graumann » 18 Jun 2007, 21:02

1 KSC USP.45 Magazine lost

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Post by Gripen » 18 Jun 2007, 21:04

I lost a g17 gbb at the assult on the swedish base on saturday. PM if you have fond one. I can describe it closer if nessesary


Post by Jester » 18 Jun 2007, 21:23

Hey i lost a radio and 2 low caps for a mp5
lost the radio inside the swedish base and the mp5 mags when we asaulted the rusians ... (laying next to a tree)

pls pm me if you foubd em :(


Post by IceRaiser » 18 Jun 2007, 22:03

One Sniper-mag found during the russian assault of the Swedish base.
The sniper stood behind me at the red car near the HQ(you should know who you are).

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Post by jdoe » 18 Jun 2007, 22:08

Lost 2 MP5 midcaps(100rds) in the Swedish base. They're taped together, with a block in between. There are also 2-3 BBs inside the blocks, stuck into the tape (description for recognision).

I dropped them somewhere in the respawn at the beach, hillside cafeteria or the forested slope between cafeteria and the main square. Or on the roads and tracks connecting the three places.


Post by Marc » 18 Jun 2007, 22:22

Lost a TM P226 magazine with a red custom valve.

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Post by Thinker » 18 Jun 2007, 22:42

Lost a shitload of mines, with sound and blue/white LED light, painted black with neonpink pullers on steel fasterners from the swe base. Tripwire and radio controlled (via cobra). They were taken down by troops but wasnt in the base. Hopefully Crew has them. Quite a lot of time and money spent on them.
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Post by Müller » 18 Jun 2007, 23:19

I dont expect that anyone will ever find this since I lost it way outside the "real" AOs where us, the Rangers from the Allied side went "hiking"... M4 mag with ductape saying "Muller" on one side and "Swede" on the other...

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Post by Eldoriath » 19 Jun 2007, 12:12

Might check if someone has a P90 magasine. Lost one when the allied assaulted the russian base on the east side on the saturday. We were a small unit of like 8 people that met a platoon or something.
It's a TM magasine.

Oh, and my friend lost an ammobox, green in full metal containing some of his stuff, on the short side it has a little sticker that says "15Kg". He played on the russian side and the box should have been found in either the russian base or the main safe.


Post by Brujo » 19 Jun 2007, 12:20

Missing an ICOM BP-222 Ni-Cd Battery Pack

Somewhere in soviet HQ. Organizers, please check it with your batch of Motorola packs. They look alike.

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Post by aean » 19 Jun 2007, 12:22

I dropped a fer things in the Swedish base during the final stand saturday night. If anything is found i will be extremly greatful. = )

Pretzl Taktikka plus Helmet light (OD with some brown bowflage)
A helmer rhino mount for NVG (Black with some brown bowflage)
A TM Speedloader (M16 mag)

Best regards

Jens / Krigsmaskineriet.

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Post by Deki_AKS » 19 Jun 2007, 13:10


One of our guys found not 2 but a pile of 3 MP5 magazines (fully loaded) near the russian base. I taped them all together and took them to Organizers HQ in safezone.


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