Jeep Toms - Dune Buggy

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Jeep Toms - Dune Buggy

Post by jeep_tom » 22 Mar 2007, 17:29

This is a dune buggy I´m working on right now.

I hope to have it ready untill B5 but I cant promise anything right now, there is a lot of work left (I want it to be street-legal)

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Post by Eldoriath » 22 Mar 2007, 19:02

Very nice WIP pic. Can't wait to see the end-result =)


Post by whiskey » 22 Mar 2007, 20:42

Eldoriath wrote:Very nice WIP pic. Can't wait to see the end-result =)
well, go and check out the WIP pictures at I just could not believe my eyes, this thing is literally built from scratch :shock:

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Post by Jeep_Tom » 14 Jun 2009, 20:00

Pics from 2009


B4: Jeep Driver
B5: Dune Buggy Driver
B7: NATO -Dune Buggy Driver
B9: NAF 1st Mech. Pickup Driver
B10: NAF 2nd Mech. BV206
B12: PMC Mech BV206
B13: Ikaros Mech BV206
B15: UPIR Heavy Mech. Tank Commander
B16 Tank Commander
B17 Tank Commander

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Post by Geboren » 14 Jun 2009, 20:20

Fuckin --- SPAM !!! ---! :)

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B8 NATO Foxtrott
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Post by carneam » 22 Jun 2009, 18:36

haha loving this one! ;)
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