The definition of a ghillie

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Re: The definition of a ghillie

Post by Arradin » 12 May 2016, 14:12

I do not see the issue.

The core issue will always be to be able to identify a person visually based on the colors of the uniform, from ALL angles. A Ghillie will make that impossible. If you are in a team that move around alot ( Infantry for example ) , there is no reason to use a ghillie, it will do more harm than good. It gets heavy, warm etc etc.

It is much easier to answer a question if its a specific one , for example: "I Am UPIR Infantry, can i use X Yes/No?"

The only ones that should use Ghillie are the Sniper teams. If you use some kind of camoflague that doesnt break away from what is required in terms of team camo, noone will complain.

But once again, if anyone have any SPECIFIC question, fire away.
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Re: The definition of a ghillie

Post by MiqaFox » 18 May 2016, 20:30

That is the whole point Arradin. There has never been a trouble knowing which units may/may not use a ghillie. However some pieces of equipment that are useful to the regular player (especially if he/she is playing as a sniper in a non-ghillie unit) may be considered a ghillie, depending on how you define it.

But I'll throw in some specific questions then, of course assuming you are wearing your armband on your arm:
Is a leaf suit (hunting gear, leshy suit etc.) a ghillie? IMO, no but needs clarification.
Is a garnished headpiece (ex. helmet cover, hat) a ghille, when used on its own? IMO, no.
Is a garnished head-and-shoulder(ex. TC Viper hood) piece a ghillie? IMO, maybe, needs clarification.
Is a garnished piece covering more than head and shoulders (ex. Web-Tex concealment vest) a ghillie? IMO, yes, but clarification wouldn't hurt.

Many of these options are also sold without any garnish. Where applicable, does any of the options without garnish, but with added vegetation in the field count as a ghillie?

EDIT 27/10-2016: We got a response in an other thread that answers some of the questions.
Arradin wrote:a Ghillie would be a camo that uses MOSTLY vegitation or vegitation-like cover ... and your example would therefor not be allowed if you go for a team where ghillie is not allowed.

The reason is that a ghillie cover up too much of your original camo, making it hard/impossible to spot, and its also an immersion issue :)
See this thread for the example.

EDIT 01/11-2016: More...
Berget-events wrote: Ghille suits, 3d Leaf suits/ Leshy suits, Viperhood, sniper veils. full body, top or bottom all fall under the rule of ghillie suit for game purposes.
What you wear under the ghillie/Veil should be appropriate to team camo rules unless special agreement is made with BE staff.
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