Introduce you and your team!

LARP Discussion for Berget 17 - Open for everyone
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Introduce you and your team!

Post by Arradin » 06 Nov 2018, 21:20

Hello all!

Introduce your own role or your teams roles for Berget 17!

I strongly suggest you don't reveal any sensitive information here, the government is watching!
You can reach me directly at email:

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Re: Introduce you and your team!

Post by B2fox » 07 Dec 2018, 13:11

We are Bill and Boris Iipsen.
Huntsmen and traders by the grace of god(s). :mrgreen:

We know every corner of our beautiful country and can be seen travelling far and wide all the time.

Times in Lirantina are good, but travel can be highly dangerous, and we are still to get the benefit of a postal service.
But fear not! We are happy to bring letters, messages and even small parcels, from A to B. We only charge a small fee, based on size and eventual risk, of the delivery.

Our knowledge of the land also enables us, to (100% safely) store valuables if you should so wish.
We do not run a bank as such since we do not yet have permit from the authorities.
But we can on a strictly private basis, provide small loans.

Being hunters and wanting the best for our fellow Lirantinians, we gladly (and for a small fee) can help anyone, get rid of pests threatening, life or business.
We have the tools and skills, to take care of anything!

Are you missing something or someone?
Do not hesitate to ask us! We see a lot, and can even search for missing people, or items.

“Anything, anywhere, anytime” is our motto.
Nikolaj "B2" Poulsen - Team ILD I PIBEN
B11 & B12: Ravens
B13: IKAROS Tank driver/Platoon leader
B14: NAF Delta
B15 & B16: Mercenaries "IIP Services"
B17: "Anything, Anywhere, Anytime"

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