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Post by freno » 27 Jan 2019, 10:45

Me and my friends owns a bar. It was called Titty-twister Bar and is a success! We'll move to Lirantina and change the name to Green Cobra Bar.
Feel free to make wishes here or on a pm, if you would like us to bring something special.
We might also this summer serve an easy breakfast! Pancakes, eggs etc...

To visit the bar you can't be fighting! You can leave guns safe with us during visit. Please respect that and don't start shooting emediately afterwards either... You might hurt one of our costumers!

Of course, we take local currencies like Berget dollar...
When you get some money, use them at
B5 - B12 Yes!
B13 - Mr. PINK
B14 - BBB - V.President
B15 - MIA
B16 - Bartender
B17 - Bartender

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