Berget 15 Game-area map
The official map of the gamearea with capturepoints and objects are released on your team forums. (Check under contact, forum).

To gain access to the forums your Squad leader (group leader) contacts us with his and friends ticket-id´s. Their tickets will then be locked for changes and are not able to change teams (From NAF to UPIR for example). We will send the password for the forum after the list is received. Only paid tickets can apply access to the forum.

Please email with TOPIC "FORUM PASSWORD"
Updated rules regarding Ghilliesuits.
Ghilliesuits may only be worn by those who are snipers and their dedicated spotters in teams with rules saying they are allowed to wear a guilliesuit. 

Nobody else are allowed to wear Ghillie suit.

 What counts as ghillie?
  • Full or partly Ghillie suit
  • Full or partly 3D leaf-suit
  • Full or partly Leshy suit
  • Sniper/Viper hood
  • Ghillie hat 
  • Sniper veil/Scrim netting (used other than scarf to protect your face from BB:s)
  • Ghillie/camo poncho
  • Concealment vest

 In other words, only teams with snipers and their spotters are allowed wear ghillie (or other material)s that cover the body or parts of the body and wear their armband on their leg.
The Shop is now Open!
You can find it HERE

Please note that the shop contains mainly BAVS related products. Our partners will be providing a much bigger assortment of gear, guns and BB´s at the onsite shop of Berget 15.

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