First GCT commander selected!

We have selected Mikko "Parzi" Partanen as commander for the GCT Special parachute infantry unit. Parzi is from Finland, 28 years old and have been commander on previous Berget games, in total he as been to 6 Berget games. He will be managing one of the largest units in the game, and he has our full confidence of handling it.

- Mikko: I have been playing airsoft at least 8 years. Airsoft has taken me to many exiting adventures on different countries like Finland, Sweden, Russia, Estonia and Czech Republic! In addition to airsoft i also spend my time doing crossfit, hiking and climbing. To pay for this nonsense i work for private security company as a security officer. I have also served one year in Finnish military as a recon squad leader and i am active reservist nowadays. Berget 13 will be my 7th Berget game and my 4th as a commander so i am pretty exited!

You can contact Parzi on the Berget forum and he will be posting info on the private TEAM forums that opens next week.

2015-02-27 21:46:53 CET


Commanders, TEAM-forums & Berget Shop
After a busy winter quarter we would like to communicate some of the new progress being made for this year’s event. As of today our web shop is now open for business. There will be a limited assortment of airsoft equipment for sale, but rest assured that we are working hard on expanding or supply of different products for the berget shop on site.

Another big news is the release of our newest project, B.A.P.S. hand grenades. There will be a limited amount of grenades in our web shop stock, so if this is something you would like, then we urge you to place your order quickly.

Regarding the new commanders, we will begin the announcement of the first one tomorrow! There have been a great many really good applications for commander posts this year and we are getting close to a decision for all sides. We are also getting close to opening the team forums. This will begin parallel to the announcement of this year’s commanders.

/ Berget Crew

2015-02-26 13:25:26 CET
Game rules updated
We have updated the game rules for 2015 and the upcoming B13. There are some minor and major changes. You can see a short summary here and more details in the rules part. We recommend all players to take time to read and discuss the new rules before coming to Berget.

We want to reward players who make an effort to bring vehicles with a serious and more realistic look. More hitpoints for armoured fighting vehicles. No more pickup trucks with tarps as protection.

Support weapons
All PKM versions now counts as support weapons. Car mounted support guns are not affected by weapon-hits. You must take out the vehicle with BAVS or hit the gunner.

Semi snipers
As expected, PSG and Druganov will be nerfed to class 3 max 140 m/s. Class 6 is now for 50 cal snipers only. Barrett, OSV-96, AR-50, CheyTac 50 BMG etc. (Late 2015 berget will introduce a 50 cal B.A.V.S kit.)

Base respawn
You can no longer use the respawn in your base if the base is under attack (Enemy forces inside base). You need to use secondary respawn marked on map further away from base.

Locked / Barricaded doors
Some buildings will be locked and can only be opened by engineers. It takes 2 minutes per door. This is indicated with a yellow “X” on the door. (Spray paint) Engineers need Crowbar or TNT to open a door. (props)

We have updated rules for grenades and added the sonic grenade as an option to clear rooms, cars or tents. Still no burning, smoking, exploding grenades are allowed.

Supply points and tactical points have been removed. Districts and Capture Points have been added.

2015-02-01 15:12:02 CET
World premiere!
We are happy to announce the world premiere of the Berget hand grenade!

We have during this januari tested different options for allowing grenades to the upcoming Berget 13. But our tests show that there is no safe options for us to use in a massive scale as Berget. We tested grenades from different manufacturers but the grenades where too loud or did burn with a open flame (fire hazzard if used uncontrolled in a massive scale).

Our conclusion where that other BB shooting options, CO2, GAS, Spring grenades etc works to bad. They will end up in argues over non-hit-takers in house to house CQB. So we decided to create our own solution for airsoft.

Berget sonic hand-grenade (B.A.P.S = Berget anti personal system) is a grenade made for use in houses, tents, cars, rooms and bunkers. It is safe, has no buring parts, is reusable and has a maximum sound of 90 db. It is a safe option airsoft grenade.

It uses two standard AA batteries and you operate it by pulling the sprint upwards until it stops. Then the red LED lights up and that means you have 4 seconds before detonation. You throw the grenade into a room and when it "detonates" it wil be a long sound for 10 seconds, the grenade will then put itself into sleepmode. You reset the grenade by pressing the sprint back into orginal possition. You will know this by the red led-light turning off.

The rules are simple for the grenade, if you are in a room when a sonic grenade "detonates" you are hit (We will put up a video with operation and sound later). No matter if you are behind a cover or furniture, you are hit. If a player enters a room during the 10 second "detonation"-sound he is hit.

The grenade effect does not work outdoors, the rules only apply for indoor use in bunkers, cars, tents or rooms. It is important to know that the grenade does not elimnate a whole house, only the room where the grenade is thrown. The grenade will go on sale for 20 EURO when our webshop opens at the end of this month. It will later this year be available at selected retailers around the world.

We will only be able to produce a limited amount of grenades for Berget 13 so please keep in mind that the grenades can run out of stock pretty fast.

2015-01-24 10:12:45 CET
Commander selection
We are now accepting applications for unit commanders to lead the different Coy/Bat sized units. We are looking for experienced players with previous Berget-experience. Previous civilian or military leadership experience is meritorious. Minimum age for applying is 25 years old. All selected commanders will get free ticket and food during the event.

When writing your application we want the following info: Name, Nickname,Country, Age, Skype Name. Info about previous Berget experience, leadership experience and short text about why you think you are a good commander. We will also want to know which unit you wish to command. Selected aplications will be followed by a skype interview in english.

Send application to

Main commanders for IKAROS & GCT will be played by Berget crew.

2015-01-06 00:03:55 CET
Deadline for first night bookings & team limit.
Please keep in mind that we will start removing unpaid tickets next week. This means all unpaid tickets from the first night. We will give you a chance to pay your cheap ticket from first night booking, and if you need your paymentinformation or help how to pay, please email

We will for now limit the total amount of players on IKAROS side to 800, this means that loosing a ticket can mean loosing a chance to play on the IKAROS side.

- Best regards

Berget-events customer service.

2014-12-02 23:57:57 CET
Ranger evaluation step 1.
This questionnaire is created to evaluate players booked as rangers wanting to play Milsim Hardcore game style. Berget have had ranger units since Berget 1 and the sole purpose of this unit is to provide a challenge for those who loves a physical and mental challenge, not only airsoft.

If you booked as a ranger, download the following document and follow instructions.

Ranger step 1 <-------

2014-11-19 11:09:33 CET
Rules update & Team limitations
The Berget-Team are currently working on the upcomming game-rule updates, which will mostly concern vehicles, CQB saftey, Bavs & different capture points. We will also implement some limitations to the total amount of Ikaros Corporation players due to balance purposes. If you have a player-ticket booked to Ikaros, make sure to pay it before end of november to keep your ticket.

If you have any suggestions on how we could make the rules better or clearer, please make a suggestion in our forum at the suggestionbox under "Game rules translation"

Best Regards - Berget Crew

2014-11-11 22:53:27 CET
Over 1000 Bookings first 11 minutes!
This year many players were eager to get their hands on a Berget 13 ticket, and our server where almost overloaded.

Please be patient with the website being slow. Over 1000 bookings already at the first 11 minutes. Use link below to book your ticket.


2014-11-02 20:19:34 CET
With less than 8 hours to the ticket-release for Berget 13, you should start preparing for the booking. This is especially important if you are booking several tickets for your team. Have general info like email, nickname, first & last name and phone number ready, as well as game related choices like teamside, class and optionals already decided pre-hand.

Many of the TEAM fractions have limited amount of ticket-slots and popular fractions tend to run out of slots the first night. If you missed a slot to your favorite side, there is a second chance of getting one when we release "un-paid" bookings 30 days after ticket release, there is also a chance of getting one at our marketplace in the forum.

Good luck!


2014-11-02 12:32:02 CET
Berget 13 will take place one year after the conflicts inside Lerando/Guyana and will unfold around the town of Krasnovo in the country of Fadjikestan. A military coup, funded by a so far unknown terrorist organization, has turned the country to chaos. GCT forces will be tasked for a spearhead operation into the country, in a swift attempt to liberate the people from its oppressors and freeing the international journalists being held as hostages.

Whats new?

  • A huge town (KRASNOVO) will be built with over 50 buildings covering an area of 600 x 600 meters.

  • Introduction of HFCP´s on the map (Heavy fortified capture points)

  • Buildings can be attacked with BAVS

  • BAVS version 3.0 will be introduced to assure better hit ratio in sunlight.

  • Vehicle rules will be reworked for balance purposes.

  • A new and reworked capture system.

  • Change of gamearea (Not Graninge B11- B12 area)

  • Only two major fighting sides.

  • Two civilian sides and focus on recruiting good and dedicated LARP-players.

  • All civilians / LARP will be assigned a loyalty for the game start (Not 90% undercover agents).

  • A major focus on better radio, repeaters & coms.

  • The mission and OP-order system has been reworked so commanders are able to operate more freely without BE specific missions.

  • New player classes added, Radio operator, Vehicle driver, vehicle gunner.

The tickets will go on sale Sunday 20:00 CET gmt +1 the 2nd of November 2014. The tickets will be sold at a 30 EURO discount at the first four hours and following this ticket prices will increase at the end of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

2014-10-13 21:54:44 CET