Warning cold weather and rain!
The nights during the Berget week will be unusually cold for this time of year, we expect the temperature to drop down close to zero degrees Celsius during the nights. Make sure to bring warm clothes and good sleeping bags with comfort temperature for 5 degrees or below.

- Bring extra sets of warm clothes to use primarily when you are wet.
- Bring green tarps to re-enforce the tents to withstand the heavy rain that is expected to come.
- Be ready to dig 10 cm deep ditches around the tents, and be well aware that the tents do not have any fireplaces.
- Make sure to bring your own tent if you play on Civilian, PMC or GCT.

For security reasons, we have rented a sports center close to safe-zone that can handle drying of clothes and sheltering of wet and cold players.

[ 2014-06-21 21:22:19 ]

Berget shops onsite
There will be both airsoft guns and equipment for sale. Like clothes, gas, tactical gear, bb´s, glasses and other equipment. There will also be hot food and snacks for sale in safezone and some of the bigger bases.

Make sure to visit a ATM or FOREX before going to the gamearea. We will only accept cash, Swedish krona or EURO.

[ 2014-06-16 21:18:51 ]
Important information about tents.
This year Berget-events have chosen only to provide the 5x10 newer tent models to the players. We have invested a large amount of money in this since the old tents are worn down no longer fulfill their purpose. However we have only tents for around 800-900 players.

Those players that will be provided with tents are the ones that chose to sleep in a Berget tent when booking their ticket. This means that several hundred players that have chosen to sleep in own tent cannot change their mind and needs to bring their own tents.

The rules for player brought tents are simple, they can be in any size but needs to be green, camo or OD (no red, pink yellow ones etc). Civilian players in the village can however bring any tent they want. As usual we recommend players to bring a green plastic tarp to cover their civilian tents to withstand rain more.

Any questions about this please send an email to us.

[ 2014-06-04 21:42:12 ]
Berget 12 game-area map i out!
Here is the ingame map for Berget 12, please notice the map markings in the bottom of the map. Dont forget to read and learn the previous newspost about the mined border zone. Get the map here

[ 2014-05-27 22:51:45 ]
The border minefield
A special rule will apply for the border splitting the game area between Lerando & Guyana. The border is following the big power-line crossing the game area. Under this power line, the ground is filled with a mix of old and new anti-personnel mines and vehicle mines. No person or vehicle can cross the boarder besides on the three roads (small tracks are not counted as roads). When crossing the border on the roads, you may not step more than a maximum of 2 meters from the road (All road-crossings will have a yellow line marking next to the road where the minefield starts). If you go any further, you will be considered hit by a mine. Walking out on the boarder (under the power line) is considered suicide and no medic can heal you if you do so. This rule also apply to the Guyana border police because of the fact that both country's have been putting mines there.

However, there is a way to clear passages through the minefield using special engineers. Some engineers will get “mine clearing equipment” pre or during game. This is basically a mine sweeper device and and yellow marking band.

To clear a path through the mine field: the engineer needs to move ten meters into the minefield (under the power-line) then mark a path with two yellow bands 1-1,5 meters apart. After this, the engineer will have to wait 2 minutes to walk another ten meters and continue making the path with yellow bands.

When the engineer is on the other side of the minefield two yellow bands must run the whole width of the minefield, showing a clear path through the minefield. When the engineer is on the other side and the path is ready other players can safely pass through it. NOTE! Only the engineer can occupy the path while it is being constructed!

You can fire upon and kill an engineer clearing the minefield, a medic can not move out on a unfinished mine path to heal the engineer but another engineer can go out and bring the first one back for healing. An unfinished mine field path can be continued by another engineer with a mine sweeping kit.

NOTE ! It is only the Guyana border police that can remove a path through the mines by using their own engineers, it follows the same steps as opening a path but you do it backwards, remove the yellow band for ten step. wait 2 minutes then remove 10 meters more of band.

To sum up:
No players or vehicles can cross the minefield/power line besides on the three roads and on by engineers cleared paths (path with two yellow bands). The minefield is clearly marked on the player-map (released soon) and will be following the big power line crossing the whole game area. Breaking the above rules is considered as cheating and will lead to warning / ban.

[ 2014-05-04 22:59:03 ]
Interview with president Rico
The following article has been approved by the Lerando Ministry of Education and Censorship (LMEC).

As the only representative from western media, I was given the opportunity for an exclusive interview with the newly elected president of the republic of Lerando, the man that is known only as Rico.
For those of you not familiar with Lerando, It can be said that it is a small, south American country, that for many decades has been plagued by civil war. Despite its small size, Lerando is estimated to supply more than 16% of the world’s raw opium, and before his recent elevation, Rico was rumored to have made his fortune in the drug trade, through the organization (now political party) called “The Ravens”.

In 2014, Lerando had their first democratic elections since the separatist revolution in 1954, when the county separated themselves from their larger neighbor, Guyana. The Ravens received no less than 104% of the votes, and their leader Rico rose to the position of president.
To meet him, I am escorted from the airport to Lerandos capital “Ricotopia” (Former Lerando City) in an armored car followed by four motorcycles. I am taken to the capital building, called the “Ravens Nest”, and led to a waiting room. During my entire stay in the country, I am surrounded by security personal for, as it is explained to me, “my own protection.”

After some time, the president enters and sits in the chair in front of me. He is dressed in a military officer’s uniform, and his left eye is covered by a black eye-patch. My first impression of him is hard to describe. He does not seem perfectly comfortable in his uniform and in this luxurious room; I rather get the impression of someone used to much simpler surroundings. In his own way, he is a bit intimidating. He is not very big or physically impressive, but when he looks at me with his one good eye, I can’t help but feel a bit naked and exposed. His manners are polite, but a bit odd in some way. He almost seems a bit distant, like he has trouble focusing on the here and now.

Me: Mr. President, it is an honor to meet you.
President Rico: Yeah… what… yes, of course it is. I can see that. For you, an honor, sure. (Paus) And you are here to.
Me: Yes, I am. Congratulations to the election, Mr. President. 104 percent, that’s an impressive victory.
President Rico: Yes I am very proud of the people of Lerando. They know what’s good for them.
Me: So tell me, mr. president… Is Rico your first name or your last name?
President Rico: What difference does it make?
Me: Ehhh… none I guess. I just… It is rumored that your family name is “Perez”. Is that true?
President Rico: Family names are meaningless. The only name that matters is the ones that say something about you. And the only one that knows everything about me, is me! People should choose their own names! What do I need a family name for? I like it short, simple. Easy to spell! Easy to shout! I only need one name! Like Madonna! Or Cher!

Me: I guess…
President Rico: That was an extremely stupid question!
Me: I…
President Rico: If the rest of your questions are this stupid, I will [THIS PART OF THE DIALOGE HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE LMEC. WE APPOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVIENCE.] And then send it to your family!
Me: I…. Hrmm… I am sorry, mr. President. So… My next question. What happened to your eye?
President Rico: (Points to his right eye) My eye is fine.
Me: Hrmm… I mean the other eye. The left one…
President Rico: Oh, that eye. I’m a bit sensitive about that eye.
Me: I am sorry…
President Rico: But I like you. You have a strong jaw. And side burns. I like those. So I´ll tell you the truth. What does the official story say?

Me: The official story?
President Rico: Yes. Newspapers and people and the like! What do they say?
Me: Well, your press secretary has reviled that you lost it in unarmed combat with a cougar.
President Rico: He said that? Good! That’s true!
Me: I have also heard, that you cut it out yourself when you heard the expression “In the land of the blind, the one eyed man is king!”
President Rico: In Lerando, the one eyed man IS king! Also a good story! And true!
Me. Sorry… Are both stories true?
President Rico: Sure. Or pick one, whatever. Next question!
Me: Alright. Can you tell me of the warlor… I mean the… the meeting of foreign political leaders that is to be held in Lerando this summer?
President Rico: I am meeting a small number of personal friends. We are to discuss important things like… economy and… building schools and dog shelters and things like that. What’s it to you? Keep going, I don´t have much time. One last question!
Me: OK. I have one more question. What do you see in Lerandos future? What’s next for this great country?
President Rico: That kind of two questions. Maybe not, but kind of. Are you stupid or something? Did you not learn math at all?
Me: No… I…

President Rico: I see great things for Lerando! Extraordinary things! I see a bright future for it´s people. I see a Lerando where the just Raven rule is supreme! I see our enemies growling at our feet, and our allies rising to heights they have never imagined. Every Raven soldier is my brother! My sister! And I see a Lerando where EVERYONE are siblings, united by common goals and ideas! I see wealth, power, and prosperity. I see my president ship not as my own accomplishment, but as an accomplishment shared with my brothers and sisters in arms. The Ravens are what Lerando needs! We will prove that to all the world!

Me. Thank you, mr. President.

President Rico: Yeah yeah. My men will escort you to the airport. If you write any stupid lies about me, you will [THIS PART OF THE DIALOGE HAS BEEN REMOVED BY THE LMEC. WE APPOLOGIZE FOR THE INCONVIENCE.]

Written by B.D Banner for the New York Times.
Ricotopia, Lerando, April 2014

[ 2014-04-28 21:13:20 ]
Address for shipping your equipment to Berget 12
The new address is ready and you can now safely Ship your airsoft equipment to:

To avoid problems or delays with customs we have arranged an option to send your guns to Sweden by mail/speed post.

You must pack your guns properly and place a paper inside the package with contact info to you, name, phone, complete address and booking numbers. Please also add a clearly visible note on the outside of the package with your Team name and the name on your contact person. Also mark your equipment with notes saying its your personal sports equipment.

After you package is sent, please send us an email to info@berget-events.com so we can keep a track of how many packages that are incoming.

Send the package to:

Norrlands Trä AB
Sågarvägen 7
87010 Älandsbro

+46 70 612 34 39 (For shipping company only)

Remember to check the delivery time before sending, if you don´t use speed post it can take over 4 weeks before the package arrives to us.

There is an administrative fee "65 EURO" per package (max 55 KG) for this service and you will have to pay this cash at check in to receive your goods. The administrative fee for a pallet (max 800 KG) is "150 EURO"

We strongly recommend that you book the return shipping as well for pickup on the same address Tuesday 1st of July 2014. This will in most cases be cheaper than contacting a Swedish company.

If you for some reason cannot book the return shipping by yourself, we can do this for you. To be able to do this, we need the following information:
• Destination address along with contact information
• Measurements and weight of each package
When we have obtained this information, we will contact a shipping company for a quotation. You will receive the price, and are to pay us in advance.

We will arrange so that the packages will be picked up Tuesday the 1st of July. If the packages are bigger or heavier than you have advised, and thus leading to a greater fee. The package won’t be shipped until we have received additional funds, this including fees for storage at the shipping company.

- Best regards Berget Crew

[ 2014-04-02 21:43:28 ]
Team forum are open!
We have now opened the private Team forums. This is where your commander will post the unit roosters, main objectives, maps and other vital information for your team. Please follow the instruction on the forum how to apply for membership. Please also keep in mind that only paid tickets can gain access to the forum, once you have applied for membership you cannot change team.

Here is a link to the instructions here .

[ 2014-03-09 22:35:40 ]
Commander of Guyana border police selected
We have selected Emil "Fagge" Fagerlund as commander for the Guyana border police. Emil is a 32 year old Airsoft player from Sweden.
Emil works as a scaffold assembler in his civilian life, and part time as an instructor in the Swedish armed forces. He has been to four previous Bergets.

-" We will stop all attempts of smuggling and Illegal trespassing throughout our border. We are sanctioned to use deadly force to any armed threat. I think I can bring a lot of experience to players in the Border Police and will do my best to give us a good game. We can expect a defensive game-style with lots of patrolling. I am currently looking for, platoon/squad leaders, HQ staff and a communications officer. My nick is "Fagge" on the forum"

[ 2014-03-09 11:09:51 ]
UA17 Cell leader selected
We have selected the leader of the UA17, he is 40+ years old and have been to several previous Berget-games. He will stay anonymous and the only way for players of UA17 to contact him is through the private team forums that opens on Sunday the 9th of Mars. His will make first contact once you get inside.

[ 2014-03-04 23:26:19 ]
Missing payment information for Berget 12?
It has come to our attention that some ticket holders still haven't received their ticket ids and payment information due to some email spam filters. In light of this we have prolonged the normal payment period of 30 days. If you're still having problems or missing your ticket information we urge you to contact payment@berget-events.com asap, since we will start to remove all unpaid tickets within the upcoming weeks.

Please keep in mind that if you don't pay your ticket the new ticket price is 188 EURO.

Best Regards

- Berget Crew

[ 2014-02-23 08:27:07 ]
Ravens commander selected
We have selected 38 year old Stefan "Wasp" Olsson from Sweden as commander for the Ravens. Stefan is a Berget veteran and has been coy commander during previous years and main commander at Berget 11. Stefan has been working as police for 13 years and has played airsoft a long time. He will bring his airsoft-team 6mm with him as staff members during Berget 12.

Stefan: - The 6mm Crew is honored to once againt take charge of the Ravens. We will do our outmost to rise to the challange once again.
We welcome both old Ravens and new members to join our cause.

Stefan are now looking for coy and platoon commanders
Contact him at our forum, his nickname is "weekendworker". You can also contact his XO Giselher Kilauk, "Rythm" on the forum.

[ 2014-02-20 22:27:25 ]
Commander for Yuri Orlov Mercenaries selected
We have selected 25 year old Eero Hurnanen from Finnland as commander for the Yuri Orlov Merceanries. Eero has been playing and organizing airsoft for around 7 years and are currently working at the Finnish defence forces. He has been to two previous Bergets and have been commander on Berget 11 last year. Eero will now be looking for coy commander for infantry and the mechanized unit. Contact him at our forum, his nickname is "Hurnanen E".

Eero: - “Orlov Crisis Management provides various solutions to different types of crisis situations. We provide both short and long term solutions to governments and local authorities.

I’m very grateful to President Rico that has allowed our Northern branch to enter Country of Lerando. Purpose of our friendly visit is to learn more about operating in tropical environment. This is not a holiday trip but a full scale training operation, some disturbance might occur during our rapid deployment exercise. This might cause some inconvenient to local habitat and nearby borderline. Exercise last 4 days. We are sorry for inconvenience. To all Orlov Crisis Management personnel: please check company’s intranet (forum when its up) at regularly basis for more info about upcoming exercise.

[ 2014-02-04 11:32:46 ]
PMC UNISEC commander selected
We have selected 31 year old Dirk "Judgementday" Boes from Germany as commander of the PMC UNISEC unit. It will be his 5th Berget and he has been unit commander on three of them. Dirk will play a "ingame character" as the leader of PMC and will still need 4 Coy commanders to run his unit. Please contact him if you applied for higher command.

- Dirk: "Next year's scenario offers great new possibilities, especially with the PMC group offering services to whichever faction demands it, and I'm looking forward to making the event a blast for everyone in the PMC unit and all those players who come in contact with us during the game."

You can contact Dirk on our forum his nickname is: JudgementDay

[ 2014-01-14 22:18:44 ]
Commander of Al-Kazzar is selected
We have selected 42 year old Ole "Losolos" Singer as commander for Al-Kazzar Guerilla. Ole is a very experienced Berget player and have been playing airsoft since 2004. Ole lives in Germany and are working as an expert in digital inks and colours.

Ole: - My fellow brothers of Al Kazzar, we will find our place in the lovely Lerando. This will be number 8 in a row from Berget 5 to 12. First time as main Commander will be a challenge but with so many experienced friends in Al Kazzar Im sure we will have a great game.

You can contact Ole at our forum. His nickname is Losolos

[ 2013-12-31 00:14:57 ]
GCT sniper & reconnaissance commander selected
We have selected Robert "Robman" Manore to be the commander of the 9th Sniper & Reconnaissance unit for Berget12. Robman is 40 years old and has been playing airsoft around the world since 2004, to include four previous Berget events. His real life experience of 15 combined years of service in the U.S. Army and law enforcement makes him a prime leader for such a demanding and specialized unit. Robman currently lives in Germany with his wife and three children. He works from his home and volunteers in his local community. Here are a few words from Robman:

- "I am proud to lead the 9th Sniper & Reconnaissance unit. Even though our unit makes up less than 1% of GCT 9th SF, we will be given the most demanding and challenging missions within the borders of Lerando. I have no doubt that we are the most dangerous and nefarious SOB's that anyone has ever met. We are a unit truly dedicated to our motto: First In - Last Out!"

[ 2013-12-12 22:49:49 ]
Last chance this week to pay your cheap ticket!
We would like to remind all players that haven't already done so to please pay their tickets as soon as possible since the 30 day validity is quickly running out. If you are having any problems with your payments, please send an email to payment@berget-events.com with your ticket id or nickname and we will help you to sort it out.

All unpaid tickets that where booked during first night of the release (108 EURO) will be deleted by the end of this week.

[ 2013-12-03 19:40:30 ]
GCT Ranger commander selected.
We have selected 45 year old Ian "Wormbyte" Wermerling as commander for the GCT rangers. Wormbyte is well fit to lead the unit with his long experience with milsim, military serivce and airsoft. Wormbite have been to previous Berget-games as commander and player. Wormbyte lives in UK and are currently working as a Project manager.

Wormbyte: I am honoured to be leading a very fine unit. This is my fourth game at Berget, and using the experience I have from those events, in-conjunction with the experience I have as an Airsoft event organiser, I aim to focus on making B12 an awesome experience for every single Ranger. We won't be in for an easy ride, and I am utterly convinced that we will be pushed to both our physical and mental limits. But we will grit our teeth and get stuck in, because that people, is what the Rangers do

You can contact Ian at our forum, his nickname is "Wormbyte"

[ 2013-11-27 00:39:25 ]
Check out the brand new Berget-movie !

This movie is from last years event, we hope you will get some inspiration for Berget 12 summer 2014.

If you are looking for the Berget 12 tickets you can get them here

[ 2013-11-06 23:13:39 ]

Get your Berget 12 ticket here!
The first 1000 tickets were gone in 14 minutes ! We are glad to see you all in Sweden next summer!

Get tickets here here

Watch the Berget 12 playerlist here

[ 2013-11-03 22:02:13 ]
1 hour left to the ticket-release!
We will soon release the tickets for the next years event Berget 12. The tickets will be sold at a 30 EURO (108€) discount tonight, make sure you have all personal details ready if you are booking for you team, some factions have limited tickets and might get sold out quick.

We will upload a less "bandwidth demanding" website during ticketphase, the orginal website will however be back later tonight.

[ 2013-11-03 18:56:11 ]
Berget 12 - Lords of War
Berget 12 will take place one year after the end of the Iron walls operation (Berget 11) and the dissolution of the GCT operation in the area.

The main target of the previous GCT operation was to capture the criminal leader Rico and put an end to the criminal and terrorist organizations ruling the country.

This was a failure since Rico managed to escape with family and key personnel. Rico has now proclaimed himself as president and has called a summit of his Warlord allies around the world to use the current political vacuum to strengthen his position and get support for his actions.

Whats new?

- There will be more and smaller teams with their own intrigues, missions and own agendas.
- The game area will have more object locations and new zones, more roads will be used.
- New heavy armoured in-game vehicles
- Berget dollars will be upgraded and play a bigger part of the game for the common player
- There will be a hardcore milsim unit with survival theme and operation start beyond the normal game area.
- Undercover agents will have objectives to infiltrate the different fractions
- Some key commanders will be played by senior Berget gamemasters.
- We will keep adding more resources to make communication better
- More new tents will be added and fuelpowered heaters will be installed in drying tents.
- We will clarify rules and instructions for minefields.
- All main bases & camps will have a senior game-master during gametime.
- Private team forums will get operational earlier to help players to communicate with teammates.

The tickets will go on sale Sunday 20:00 CET gmt +1 the 3rd of November 2013.

The tickets will be sold at a 30 EURO discount at the first four hours and following this ticket prices will increase at the end of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

[ 2013-10-06 15:35:08 ]

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