Main Commander selection
It is time to start the process of selecting the main commanders for NAF, UPIR, MERCENARIES and a civilian LARP leader.

With your application and personal cV, we want a detailed plan over your HQ staff / Roles and a brief overview of your idea of setting up the Battalion. Please also reccomend your second in command.

To be able to apply for overall commander you must:

- Have previous Berget experience
- Be atleast 25 years old
- Previous professional leadership experience (Civilian or Military)
- Speak fluent English

Send your application before 7th of Janauari 2017 to with topic "MAIN COMMANDER"

Step forward and send your application to us now!
Removal of unpaid tickets
We have cleared out around 300 unpaid tickets and there are now more tickets available for most of the teams. We are still moving around players in queue for Mercs and NAF, Stay tuned.

Get a Berget ticket here !
New tickets for Berget 15
We have started the process of deleting tickets that has passed the 30 day limit. If you for some reason have been having problems paying your ticket, please send an email to and we will reserve your ticket until the issue is resolved.

In the coming days we will be performing transfers we currently have on the waiting lists. After this we will make a final survey of the team balances before the release of any extra tickets to the different teams.

The new release will be on Sunday the 4th of December at 20.00 CET (GMT+1). Please note that it’s not guaranteed that tickets will be released to all teams during this date. Also note that there will not be any possibility to book tickets to any side until the 4th of December at 20.00 CET (GMT+1).

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