Ok, here is the last news you need before going to Berget.

* Bring your ticket-id and valid photo-id to checkin.

* Bring a good portion of cash (Euro or SEK) to be able to buy stuff in Gear shop or Kiosks.

* Make sure to bring all your guns to checkin for chroning.

* Weather looks to be warm, but make sure to bring a good sleepingbag

* Prepare for rain and bring spare clothes and good raingear

* Report to your commader as soon as you arrive to your base to get info on where to sleep and put your stuff.

* Make sure to park your car in your designated parking not in base.

* The location of Safezone is Brukshundsklubben in the city Härnösand, Sweden.
(GPS 62.618436, 17.982381)

* Please respect that the gamearea opens on Tuesday (28th of june) 09.00, we cannot provide any service in your base and you wont be able to get info on where to sleep or put up your tent/gear. Use local Camping or Hotells until then.

2016-06-23 00:47:26 CET

Berget goes Instagram
If you already have the Instagram app on your phone make sure to "follow" the user bergetevents to get cool media pre-game and the latest info during Berget 14.

If you dont have the app in your phone, you should re-consider using Instagram since we offer WIFI in both main bases and safezone during game.

2016-06-15 20:17:47 CET
Joining the forums!
Ok soldiers, listen up. It is time to head over to your barracks-forum and start talking to teammates and officers. Your commanders have their main objectives, and maps are comming any day. This mean that relevant info are soon cooming your way.

You need to read all information and get things sorted on which Platoon/Coy/Unit you are playing in.

We have sent out an email with a password to the barracks forum to all Squadleaders, distrubute this to all players in your squad and tell them to join.

NOTE !!! If you are/was in the process of changing TEAM/SIDE and got the password to the opposite side, you need to tell us right away. We will be changing passwords several times before game start.

If you are a squadleader and DID NOT get the password, send an email to info@berget-events.com with topic "FORUM PASSWORD" and your ticket-ID as content.

You can find the team-forums here: .

2016-05-31 20:38:51 CET
Game-rules update 2016
We have reworked some of the rules based on feedback from the community and crew, make sure you read the new rules for 2016 and tell your teammates to also do so.

Here is a list of some of the changes:

Bolt-action classes
Berget-Events have after the yearly review of the rules decided that there is no longer any need for 4 classes in the Bolt category.
We will assimilate class 5 and 6 into Class 5. Class 7 will become 6 and our highest weapon class will be 7. Safety Distance will be 20m, 30m and 40m.
The reason for the change is mostly an overall desire to simplify the rules. Keep in mind, that we still treat high velocity classes with care and we only recommend these classes to veterans.
Make sure you know your gun's Safety Distance!

High pressure air guns - HPA
If you have a HPA-gun, you need to bring a Tournament Lock. The lock for pressure (at your tank's regulator) is vital to play at all, and the lock for selector is needed if you want to play with velocity above 130 m/s.
We will provide with some Locks on site but we can't guarantee to have them all.

Read more here --->here.

Gun Stripes Poll (Not decided yet)
Please take some time and tell us your opinion about Gun Stripes and their placement in our forum..

Vehicle & Towing rules
A new rule regarding moving destroyed vehicles has been created and some other things have been reworked to be more clear.

Rangers FOB respawn
Ranger will not have the ability to respawn in their FOB and will have to use a field hospital or the usual respawns.

Field Hospital (FH)
Small update regarding the removal of an enemy FH near your location.

2016-05-24 21:44:58 CET
Teamchange lockdown
Teamchange lockdown & Removal of unpaid tickets.

We will soon be closing down ticket administration and the possibility to change teams for Berget 14.

There is a built-up que and we will still have the team balance in mind which means there is no guarantee that you can play on the team you want changing to. However as it looks now all current emails about team changes will be handled to their request within the upcoming days.

If you have not requested for team change or paid your ticket, the time is now. We will not change any unpaid tickets and all unpaid tickets will be removed during the coming days.

NOTE! If your payment is under process this week there is no need to worry.

When this process is ready, we will produce the player-roosters for commanders and open forums for all players. The forum password will be sent to your booking email.

Inside the closed forum you will find the game area map and other vital information. Please keep in mind that we will change forum passwords so keep an eye out for the coming email.

2016-05-10 22:42:12 CET
Shadow questionnaire

Last but not the least: Shadow players, step forward and answer the questions!

Those who have not been in a milsim/ranger unit previous years have to download the form attached to this and email the form with your answers to info@berget-events.com with topic "New Shadows".
The email must also contain your name, nickname and ticket-id.

Those who have been Rangers at Berget 12 or Berget 13 have to send an email to info@berget-events.com with topic Previous Shadows Berget 14.

The email must contain name, nickname and ticket-id, who was your commander and their name and nickname.

Before we began with these applicationforms about 30-50% of the players quit before the end of the game. Therefore it’s important to fill out the form honestly and correctly and to send them to us as soon as possible.

Note: This information comes out a little later than usual due to the fact that we have been waiting for all tickets to be paid for to avoid double work. We will process these applications as fast as possible, but some waitingtime is to be expected.

You can download the questions ---> HERE!!!

You will get a answer from us within 2 weeks after we have your email.

- Best regards Berget Crew

2016-04-11 22:35:38 CET
Ranger selection
Ranger Selection

Important information for all Rangers!
It’s finally time to select the honorable Rangers. This is the group who face the toughest challanges and are in-field a great deal of the game. The Rangers are physically fit and loves the pain of hurting feet and heavy packpacks. Therefore, players with health conditions and previous injuries are not eligible to play as Rangers.

Those who have not been Rangers previous years have to download the form attached to this and email the form with your answers to info@berget-events.com with topic New Rangers Berget 14.
The email must also contain your name, nickname and ticket-id.

Those who have been Rangers at Berget 12 or Berget 13 have to send an email to info@berget-events.com with topic Previous Rangers Berget 14.
The email must contain name, nickname and ticket-id, who was your Ranger commander and their name and nickname.

Before we began with these applicationforms about 30-50% of the Rangers quit before the end of the game. Therefore it’s important to fill out the form honestly and correctly and to send them to us as soon as possible.

Note: This information comes out a little later than usual due to the fact that we have been waiting for all tickets to be paid for to avoid double work. We will process these applications as fast as possible, but some waitingtime is to be expected.

You can download the questions ---> HERE!!!

You will get a answer from us within 2 weeks after we have your email.

- Best regards Berget Crew

2016-04-02 20:57:11 CET
Berget 14 Shop released
The shop for BERGET 14 is now open. You have the opportunity to book BAVS receivers and grenades. We will also release a very limited amount of our sonic grenades, BAPS. You will be able to preorder a limited assortment of airsoft rifles and bb s. There will be plenty of more products for sale in the safe zone. After ordering you can either chose to pay it directly or on site at Berget 14 when you pick up your order.

This is a standardized shop system, you browse the items from the products panel to the left and add them to your shopping cart. You may review and update items in the cart at any time before checking out.

We will always strive towards having the best prices available and as large variety of products as made possible together with our partners.

Please note that you have to be a registered Berget participant to order from our shop. A valid ticket ID is required to place your order.

You can find our shop ---> HERE!!!

2016-03-31 19:55:26 CET
Berget Shop
The berget shop will open for pree-orders in a couple of days. You will mainly be able to book B.A.V.S, B.A.P.S, bbs and a small assortment of gear. As usual you will be able to pick up all booked items in the safe zone before the game starts. Please keep in mind that the onsite safezone shop will have a much wider variety of wares. This year’s partners will be presented shortly.

The web shop opens on Thursday the 31st of March at 20.00 CET (GMT+1).

2016-03-26 17:49:18 CET
News update
There has not been much updates here the past 8 weeks but we can asure you that we are working hard preparing everything for Berget 14. Here is a short status update to inform everyone of our latest progress in anticipation of this summer's event.

The Berget Shop will soon open. We are still waiting for the final numbers of available B.A.V.S and B.A.P.S to ensure that as many players as possible will be able to get their hands on them. There will be a 48h notice before the shop opens since stocks will still be limited. At this time we will also release the information regarding the partners that will attend this years event.

New AT4´s
We will start producing new Berget AT4 launchers the will be available for rent in the Berget shop. The AT4 is more powerful than the BAVS 40mm grenade and will do more damage to vehicles and bunkers. We believe that the overall feeling is that it's better to have more AT4´s at play than the 40mm that can't be seen by drivers and vehicle crews. Infantry carrying an At4 will be more easily spotted by the vehicle crews as a prioritised target. We will also limit the available amount of 40mm to compensate for this.

We also have the game balance in mind so there will of course not be too many AT4´s available.

Hit receivers
We have updated the hit receivers with a “Status flash” which means that the receivers mounted on cars will flash the red led lights every 30 seconds so players outside will know that the car is ingame and can be hit by BAVS.

Battle towing
To balance out the power of ingame vehicles, we will increase the field repair time to 30 minutes for one engineer to repair a vehicle in the field. To add a new level there will be an option to “tow” a vehicle to a safe location for repairs. Read more in the rules page.

The towing rope should only be symbolic and for safety reasons there should be an orange marker/flag on the middle of the “tow-wire”. The “towed” vehicle should ofcourse be driven by its dedicated driver while moving. All vehicles playing at Berget should have a symbolic towingline inside the car.

The team forums are now open for the top brass. We do however want to wait a bit longer until opening them up for everyone. This is mainly because many tickets are still being sold and traded between players. But as soon as this has calmed down a bit, we will start sending out invites to the locked team forums.

2016-03-06 23:17:44 CET
Merry christmas and a happy new year!
Christmas is soon here and the start of a new airsoft year is closing in. We would like to thank all our players and customers for a great 2015. We are very grateful for all the feedback that has been given during the year.

Here is glimpse at our roadmap for jan/feb 2016.

- GM startup meeting 2-3 jan
- Startup meetings with commanders mid jan
- Openings of team forums end of jan
- Announcement Partners & Vendors early feb
- Opening of Berget shop for bavs etc end of feb.

2015-12-21 23:44:21 CET
New tickets
We will soon release a limited amount of tickets for both NAF and Upir. These tickets will be sold to the original November price. We are closely monitoring the release to maintain faction balance. All unpaid tickets from the first ticket release have been deleted. If you have any questions regarding payment or tickets, please direct your questions to payment@berget-events.com

The newly released tickets can be found: ---> HERE !!!

Check playerlist here: ---> HERE !!!

2015-12-01 19:52:47 CET
1 day left until new tickets will be out!
We will soon start to remove all unpaid tickets that was booked during the first four hours of the release. If you want to be certain to keep your ticket we urge you to pay it as soon as possible. During the last couple of weeks we have been working to maintain a good balance between NAF and UPIR. Much thanks to all the helpful players that have been willing to move around, we are now happy with the balance.

Therefore on Tuesday the 1st of December at 20.00 CET we will be releasing a closely regulated number of tickets for both teams. We have also reserved a few tickets on each side for players that want to move/join their friends. Please note that we still won’t make any transfers on unpaid tickets. All tickets released during the 1st of December will be sold at the original November price of 138€. If you are having any issues paying your ticket, please email us at payment@berget-events.com

Best Regards

Berget Crew

2015-11-30 17:24:23 CET
Main commanders selected
We are very happy to announce that the two main force commanders for UPIR and NAF teams have been selected. As veterans might know, It is very often that commanders get selected too late and planning are done only last weeks before Berget. The choosing of commanders early this year was a priority and we will assist them in finding of sub commanders for coys and platoons.

Ian "Wormbyte" Wermerling from UK, has been selected as force commander for Team NAF (Blue team) and Vincent "Vinni" Van der Heyden from Belgium as commander for Team UPIR (Red team).

Both commanders will have their own team of experienced HQ members and a 2nd- in-command on all important functions to be redundant and get proper rest/sleep. Each HQ will also get one senior Berget crew member added to their HQ staff.

// Berget Crew

2015-11-09 20:24:47 CET
Ticket Info
We are extremely thankful for the overwhelming interest in this year’s Berget.

One of our main focuses this year has been to work for a better faction balance, something that has been one of the major points of feed-back we have gotten from our players. To do this we needed to strictly enforce player caps on released tickets. And as many of you might know, some factions got full in a matter of minutes after the tickets were released. Unfortunately this resulted in some teams not being able to get all members booked in time.

It´s still our goal to keep the factions balanced. And we ask all teams and players that are waiting for transfer to stay frosty while we work this through. We also ask that you don’t put too much value in the current number of booked tickets to the different sides since they will fluctuate while we do the necessary arrangements.

There are already several teams that, for the sake of balance, have contacted us offering to transfer to the other faction. For this we are extremely grateful! If you and your team feel like doing the same, please contact us and we will help you get everything in order.

The transfers and removal of unwanted tickets will continue over the coming weeks. We are already very confident that a lot of available tickets to the NAF-faction will be able to reach the market on the next ticket release (1st of December). Once again we would like to point up that all tickets released on this day will be sold at the standard November price!

We will do our best to prioritize helping teams reunite with missing members. Until the next ticket release we urge teams that are missing a few of their members to send this information to info@berget-events.com please include your team name, number of players already in the team and the number of players that are still waiting for tickets.

On another note we will also broaden the number of allowed camos for the UPIR-faction. The new additions are: M95, Australian DPCU, Belgian woodland and Tigerstripe. This information has also been added to the team pages.

Finally we would once again like to thank all of you for your patience and understanding that all of this is done for the betterment of the game

Get your ticket ---> HERE

Check booked players here ---> HERE

Best regards - Berget Crew

2015-11-02 23:13:05 CET
Information about tickets.
We will do our best to help all players to play with their friends and teammates. But at the moment we need to let the dust settle to be able to get a better overview. The only thing we know for sure is that the initial demand for NAF tickes are bigger than UPIR and there are many players booked to UPIR that want to change to NAF.

Opening new slots to NAF is not the solution at the moment. Balance was one of our main concerns for att better gameplay experience this year, and even though it upsets some players not getting tickets, we are doing this for a better experience for all.

First we will add more camos to UPIR and we will also talk to some groups of players that want to help out the balance and move them to UPIR. Then we will have the Unpaid tickets that will be released 1st of december. "IF" the balance is ok after 1st of december we will release more tickets to both NAF and UPIR, then making it possible to get tickets for teams that still did not get tickets to their prefferd side at the second release.

Tickets released on the first of december will be to to lower ticketprice (Nov)

2015-11-02 10:03:22 CET
Nordic Alliance Force (NAF) tickets sold out!
Nordic Alliance Force (NAF) tickets sold out within the first 15 minutes. Congratulations to you who got tickets!

No more tickets will be released for NAF at the moment. For those of you that did not get a ticket, please consider playing for another team. Furthermore, there will be a new chance to get a NAF ticket when we remove unpaid tickets the first of December in a secind ticket-release.

Get tickets ---> HERE

2015-11-01 20:28:09 CET
1 hour countdown!
Less than 1 hour left until the tickets for Berget 14 are released!

Since tickets to all teams will be limited this year, in particular civilians and mech, we strongly suggest you to prepare all your booking information beforehand.

Please keep in mind that the high server load often makes the page slow during release night. If you can’t get in right away, just stay frosty and reload the page in a few moments.

Any questions regarding payments, booking information or tickets can be sent to payment@berget-events.com or info@berget-events.com

Best regards and happy ticket hunting!
- Berget Crew

2015-11-01 18:56:46 CET
Berget 14 is here!
Berget 14 will take place in a fictive Nordic country, where an oil extracting company has taken control over the rich oil fields. It will be scaled down to a local conflict focusing on small unit tactics without support of heavy weapons as airstrikes or heavy artillery. We will do our best to increase the number of GM´s to support the commanders and players out in the field.

Whats new?

  • The online area control system will be updated to version 2.0 and have an new interface for general players. You can now get updates, orders and digital maps from your commander directly in your smartphone/tablets.

  • We will take measures to ensure proper faction balance. The amount of released tickets will be restricted and closely monitored by berget crew. This is true for both the number of players and allowed vehicles on each side.

  • We will reintroduce the “unique missions” in smaller scale, it will help the commanders to provide fun and interesting missions besides the main OP-order.

  • Overall commanders will be reintroduced, to make sure that we can open the team forums for planning earlier and start the process of appointing officers to each side.

  • To increase ingame civilian population there will be a 50 % discount on civilian unarmed tickets. The number of available civilian tickets will however be limited.

  • BAVS availability will be regulated between factions to ensure an even distribution for game balance.

  • Some of the game rules will be reworked during 2015 for balance purposes.

All tickets to Berget 14 will be released at this website on Sunday the 1st of November 2015 20:00 CET (GMT+01). The tickets will be sold at a 26 EURO (112€) discount the first night. The following ticket prices will increase by the turn of each month. We are doing this to reward those who buy their tickets early which help us plan and make a better Berget for all.

2015-10-18 23:37:06 CET