The country of Nordmark have long been haunted by a declining economy and a growing civil unrest due to high unemployment and a failing government that has been changed during new elections several times during the past four years under chaotic referendums.

The findings of large oil deposits in the Northern parts of the country did give the country new hope and temporary economic boost. But due to political corruption the rights to exploit the findings have been sold to a large private offshore corporation called UPIR Inc.

UPIR employs International PMC units consisting of well trained and experienced fighters from all over the world. Famous worldwide for their professionalism and discipline while feared for their ruthlessness.

The small local Military National Guard with the help from other military groups of nearby countries go together to form the "Nordic Alliance Force" (NAF) to take control of the oil sites and bring peace and stability to the region.
Recent Events
One year has passed since the battle of Tamm Valley oilfields where NAF and UPIR forces fought bloody battles to control the oilfields in the area. Both sides sustained heavy losses and caused great suffering to the civilian population and infrastructure in the area.

This lead to a large reinforcement of both UPIR-friendly mercenaries and UPIR security forces secretly pouring into the area the upcoming weeks. During the spring of 2017 the already battle-tired NAF forces in the area where exposed to a surprise attack coordinated by UPIR shadow units and was soon outnumbered.

After bitter fighting the NAF battalion were cut in half, most forces managed to escape south thanks to the bravery of the mechanized units evacuating both friendly forces and civilians under heavy fire.

Meanwhile, soldiers from several NAF units were encircled and surrounded by UPIR forces. The unit have been holding out for two weeks deep into UPIR controlled area 80 km north of Tamm Valley without any hope of reinforcements or rescue. With the large number of UPIR reinforcements pouring into the area, NAF forces need to capture and secure strategic points to reach their cut off friendly units, evacuate civilian oil workers, reinforce and resupply friendly units.

If NAF units are able to gain control over the area, the northern roads to Tamm valley is closed for UPIR reinforcements and the possibility to transport oil. The area have been under UPIR control for months and there are several heavily guarded fortifications, basecamps and weapon caches in the area.

NAF Command have decided to assemble all of their remaining forces and a mechanized battalion to break through the enemy forces controlling the area. This massive buildup of NAF mechanized and Infantry units in the area have led to UPIR forces reinforcing strongholds and key positions with more minefields and fortifications.