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This is the current rules translated into your language. Feel free to post or comment a translation here.
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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by Panzergraf » 09 Feb 2015, 15:37

If you have to charge the bolt (or piston, in airsoft terms) manually for each shot, it's bolt action.
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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by baracken » 09 Feb 2015, 15:46

So I can tune an g&p shotgun to to be a sniper?

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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by L4gi » 09 Feb 2015, 16:28

If you would bother to actually read the rules:
*5] Shotguns may only be upgraded to class 2.
If you want to play as a sniper your gun must look like a sniper rifle with scope, no mp5/uzi/m4/ak47 etc with scope is allowed as sniper.
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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by nightstalker » 09 Feb 2015, 17:23

Sgt._Shaw wrote:
Medved {VAL-St.Pet.} wrote:
nightstalker wrote:Since there is bolt-action versions of for instance the SvD, they would be allowed to be class 6 or even 8 right? to promote the use of bolt action.

I also understand the nerfing that they now did to the SvD, to prevent 3,5 bb's per sec firing @ 160 ms. as for MG's we use 0,20 - 0,28 bb's in a mix to expand the spread in our MG, since it is a supressing weapon and no accuracy rifle.
the same question...

With SVD AEG - I understood, it goes to class-3, ok then.
But what about SVD bolt-action... I guess it could be tuned up to 5-6 class?
Question: is it really a "bolt-action" or just a spring-powered rifle? Because that would not be the same. A SVD is, in real-steel, a gas-operated, semi-automatic rifle. If we speak of bolt-action that would mean you got something like a M40, L96 and others - to be short, actual bolt-action rifles. If berget decides to allow spring operated stuff, that's for them to decide, BUT as for now i would say no, it is not a bolt-action so it can't be tuned like one.
I agree, sorry had my terms twisted. spring fired they are, no real steal SvD is a bolt action rifle.

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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by Medved {VAL-St.Pet.} » 09 Feb 2015, 22:38

I meant spring-powered version of SVD.
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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by Jompa » 18 Feb 2015, 22:13

My suggestion is to put Ranger green uniforms back where they belong! Ravenside!
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Re: Suggestion box:

Post by luffarvante » 09 Mar 2019, 12:51

I hope this is the correct place to post this, otherwise please help me move it to the correct board / topic.

If i understand the rules correctly, the RPK is considered a support weapon for all intents and purposes.
According to the rules (and the special exception for RPK's) it is allowed to use drum mags for it, allowing a capacity of about 3000 rounds / mag, depending on the make and model of the magazine.
However this is a bit inaccurate for RPK 74M, as there was never a drum mag developed for it (there was an experimental one for the 74, but it is not compatible with the 74M to my knowledge).

Following the current rules, a RPK gunner could use normal RPK low-cap magazines instead of drum magazines. This would however make the RPK useless as a support weapon, as the ammunition capacity is far to low. Add the very cumbersome form / length of the RPK magazines to that and its just plain horrendous.
An alternative is of course to run it with a normal AK magazine, but then you are just hauling around a extra heavy, extra long and otherwise troublesome AK (with slight DMR cababilites for the extended barrel, if tuned right).

My suggestion would be to allow RPK 74 and 74M to run some version of high-capa versions of RPK magazines, and in that case fall under the category and rules of the Light support weapons.
I know there are decent high cap flash mags with an ammo capacity of 800 rounds, and I think that 4 of them would be a lot bulkier and generally a lot less effective than using a drum mag.

I'm asking this since i would like to use my RPK 75M as close to the modern version as possible, but without it having to much of a negative impact on my team, I'm pretty much asking if i can make my gun less efficient :)

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