Interview with Tony Jordan about Berget 9

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Interview with Tony Jordan about Berget 9

Post by Berget-events » 07 Apr 2011, 19:18

Berget-events: Hello Tony, tell us about yourself and where you live.

Tony: My name is Tony Jordan I’m 45 from Auckland, New Zealand. I am a flower grower and steel mill worker when not running wargames on my 11 hectare property.

I have been playing airsoft with my 2 sons for the last 6 years, my eldest son Kurt is also coming to Berget 9 , my youngest son is training to be a medic with the New Zealand Army.

New Zealand is down near Australia in the south pacific, we only have a population of 4 million in a country the size of Great Britain, our climate in Auckland ranges from 12 degrees C in winter to 26 degrees C in summer, perfect for airsoft all year.

Berget: Is this your first trip to Europe, how are your travel-plans?

Tony: I spent 7 months touring Europe in 1988 before starting a family. As New Zealand is on the other side of the planet it has taken until now to once again travel to see how others do things.

Our travel plans are all sorted we will fly with stop overs in Hong Kong to get some new toys for Berget, Via Moscow to Stockholm, then the fantastic Swedish hospitality will take care of us until we leave on the 4th of july. It will take us a total of 23 flying hours to get to the game so you could say we are very keen airsofters.

Berget: How did you hear about Berget-games and what made you decide to take the trip?

Tony: We are always searching the internet to see whats new in the world of airsoft and I stumbled across the berget website, after reading up about it, the thought to play a wargame with more people than the New Zealand army would ever train with was too good to give up, so I asked others and 3 of us are coming to represent our great little country .

Berget: Tell us about the airsoft-community in New Zealand, what is the biggest local game etc.

Tony: Airsoft in New Zealand is growing with great interest right across the country, we have a national society that all clubs belong to, I think we have 24 clubs and new ones pop up all the time. Our Club W.A.R (Westcoast Airsoft Rangers) has a membership of just over 150 with most weekly games supported by 30-40 players. The biggest game in New Zealand is the National champs and this year 150 attended. The law in 2000 changed banning all full auto guns, so everybody plays with AEG’s that have been modified to fire ONLY semi auto, at 1st we hated the idea but now we think it’s the best thing for the game, the skill of the players has increased rapidly as its no longer a spam fest . Most players have guns shooting 350-420fps, there are only a few guns we can’t have as they can’t be made semi auto. Most players use electric guns but gas guns are finding more popularity in the last two years. We only have two retail airsoft shops in New Zealand, many players import direct from Hong Kong.

Berget: How many from your New Zealand team are coming and what type of preparations have you made to adapt to the Swedish / Berget environment.

Tony: Just 3 of us are coming and we play every weekend so it’s the experience and the people that we come to enjoy, oh and we will need to get new radios as we use different freq

Berget: What Berget 9 team will your be playing in ?

Tony: NAF 3rd Rangers …..Hooooaaaahhhhhh

Berget:What kind of weapons and equipment are your teams using?

Tony: I’m sure they will be the newest models to hit the streets of Hong Kong late June.

Berget: And the final question, if any fellow European airsoftplayer would go to New Zealand, what top three things would you suggest that the do / visit?

Tony: 1. Come and enjoy the Kiwi hospitality and play airsoft at W.A.R or any club in New Zealand.

2. go touring around this most beautiful country find somewhere really high and jump off it…..with a bungy attached ;-)

3. buy a one way ticket as you will never want to leave.


I am on left of photo(DUKE), my son Kurt on knee(madsnake) and Jason (heathen) on right

Please send general questions to:

Please send payment questions to:

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Post by Lokke » 23 Apr 2011, 02:36

This is nice. I have never been "down under". Respect for traveling so far to join a game.

Inresting to hear about single only.

As you, we have one national society in Norway. Actually few countries has that. Question: Is New Zealand and Australia as competitive against each other as Norway and Sweden? ;)

Advice: Berget can be much walking and little shooting. But hey, Berget is MilSim light. Not speed-ball. You knew that of coarse.

In Norway a typical game is 15 - 25 players. So you are doing good.

Berget is a social gathering as much as a game.

(We three will rent a car and drive up to the North Pole. That would be nice. If I ever go to New Zealand you can drive me to the South Pole. That will be nice also. (What I said is only to tell the Italians what we are planning ) ) Seriously, The area where they filmed the Tolkien movies. And the big reef on the east side?

As mention above: Very nice of you to take the time go visiting us up far north. :)

(43 by the way. AND Norway is the most beautiful country ) :P
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Post by DUKE » 07 May 2011, 11:19

we do like to "do battle" with Australia when ever we can , but they can't play airsoft it has been banned. (but they can play paintball)

we also play Milsim so we are fine with some strategy versus trigger time.

do most clubs play every week around the world???
do most players bring club patches to swap ??
soon you will see more of New Zealand when the HOBBIT comes out

drive to the south pole ??? not likely a little too much water.

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Post by weka » 09 May 2011, 07:35

The big reef is the Great Barrier in Australia, its a great spot pity about the Aussies though :D

A few Aussies have been making the trip across to play airsoft, a trend that may increase. And yes we have a great relationship with the West Island very competative in all sports.

Look foward to seeing pics of the WAR guys at Berget.

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Post by whiskey » 12 May 2011, 15:31

kiwis & kangaroos love each other :D
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Post by Heathen » 26 May 2011, 08:58

:D looking forward to it.
my favorite, Haka. ... re=related
Look foward to seeing pics of the WAR guys at Berget.
ill try to get pic's and a bit of video too. weka. :P
Advice: Berget can be much walking and little shooting. But hey, Berget is MilSim light. Not speed-ball. You knew that of coarse.
Yes, we expected that, but also joined the 3rd in the hope of a bit of shooting :P :lol:

Not long to go now ...
Berget 9: NAF 3rd Rangers, Bravo Coy.

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