EZPRR Radio infos?

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EZPRR Radio infos?

Post by DAVID83 » 11 Jan 2018, 08:30

i m tried to do a network of 4 EZPRR radio with GPS and COMMANDER DISPLAY UNIT
does someone have info about this units
i m searching PTT with data connectors , i have a probleme with one of mine ptt :
with the double com with data connector PTT i can only ear when i push the PTT i ear 2 tons ( high and low ) every 5 s but the other radio dont ear me ? I see in a old post ( viewtopic.php?f=12&t=4506&start=15 ) the same problem do you have more infos ?

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Re: EZPRR Radio infos?

Post by Miksu » 27 May 2018, 12:39

EZPRR (H-174-4855-ELSA) is encrypted radio. In case you don't have data cable and correct software (I bet you don't) you cannot change the encryption key in those and therefore they work only together in channel 16, which is clear channel and works also with normal PRR (H4855) radios. Except if you have get more than one radio with same encryption key, which is very rare. But for example at the moment one guy in ebay selling ezprrs that do work together (one pair) so those have the same encryption key and are secured via AES-256 bit encryption then.

The dual tone (boo piii) sound does not effect your transmitting it only cuts your own voice from your ear piece in the time when the dual tone sound will come out but in the other end the transmission is seamless even tho it sounds in your ear that it would cut in the time you hear the dual tone sound.

I do not have any exact information about the GPS and commander units but have seen one commander unit and it will need the password to be opened and if those GPS units will transmit to some network they probably are monitored by British MOD which can lead to problems I guess. But like I said I do not have any exact information about those so if someone does I hope you will share it with us.
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