Berget 12 as seen by

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 12
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Re: Berget 12 as seen by

Post by Genocide » 08 Jul 2014, 20:15

The car ban was set around 18 or so. So after you met them.
Plus we had alot more cars then just mechanised. So all vehicles werent informed immedietly.

My mech company got the news asap amd didnt use the cars for the rest of the day.

And honestly that sucks major balls. I mean, all the teams travel ALOT of miles and then arnt allowed to use cars?? Wtf...
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Re: Berget 12 as seen by

Post by MrMedic » 09 Jul 2014, 00:47

I spoke to a friend of mine at the beer party (he played with Orlov this year) who told us he had picked up about 4 kg of plutonium at the mine, after it was destroyed. Apparently the destruction of the mine had blown the plutonium to the surface so he picked it up and carried it back to base.
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Re: Berget 12 as seen by

Post by Mrfoss » 14 Jul 2014, 11:54

PMC was a mess, but at least the silver lining was that last year under ravens we had to walk most of the day looking for the enemy. We also had this typical missions that the enemy fail to show up for. This year my team had the privileged of finding enemies everywhere. The type of enemy that would rather crawl through a vasp nest then be an easy kill. Loved that part. Both orlov and ravens gave us some nice fights, all we had to do was cross the border. The trade off with being in PMC was the loss of accomplishing objectives and having clear leadership.

It will probably improve next time, but good tip for everyone that feels they did not get enough action this year. Join the fraction that will become the underdog and be part of many of the major fight in the game.
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Re: Berget 12 as seen by

Post by Demonic » 26 Nov 2014, 19:58

CyBear wrote:As a PMC I can tell you it was not particularly fun. We had little say in what happened around us, were given very little info from command, and after our base was destroyed morale was at an all-time low. A success for the Ravens you might say, but at what cost. Sure, we weren't 400+ who had paid half a million for our tickets, but we were around 200 and pretty much without a snowball's chance in hell with Ravens and Orlovs united.
Me and 2 friends played as Ravens, and we had quite a lot of time were we weren't assigned to do anything. The first night we spent 30 minutes to put up printed A4's around the civilian camp that said it was a Civilian Camp.
Not a problem really; but since our mechanized troops finished up most objectives our hands were fairly tied so instead of exploring and guarding objectives we were standing in our base guarding a road were only allies moved.
Overall we had fun tho; and it seems the command were doing all it should.
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Re: Berget 12 as seen by

Post by Helvetica » 10 May 2015, 19:24

Just found this post. Thank you for letting me see, what happend behind raven lines. If i read this, you have done some awesome work when you even finished missions, which were made to be failed....

I played at the boarderpolice, we were a total of 70 Players and our Quick-Reaction-Force had just 1 vehicle (our :-)) It was for us forbidden, to cross the boarder from start of the game, but after your overrun our camp, our commander decidet to give a sh** about this order and allowed us to cross the boarder... i mean we had certain small fights, which we had to Interrupt because we got the order to stay in Guyana and we followed them.

To make it clear, when you raided our base and the one of the PMC, we defendet longer than the PMC. On the mainroad, a sh**load of vehicles just ignored our base in first place to go to the PMC first (i think there were more vehicles, than the boarderpatrol had Players :( ) with our vehicle, we could block the road for a while because there were no bavs and we had a good fight with the orlovs who tried to get us from the back. But as soon as your troops returned from the PMC camp, we got overrun like hell but i think nobody can blame us for that.

But reading your post and to see, how much effort you have put in planing, you would have kicked everybodys ass even if the Teams were more even. I had a lot of fun, and lets see what this year will bring us

Last BE:
+ We had loads of enemies, didnt hat to walk for hours to search them.
+ Even if we where just 70 Players, we had some really good fights and won them and we got some huge compliments from the orlovs, when they tried to rush our base. We could defend them quite Long.
+ had a great commander (thank you fagge)
+ some cool moves from ravens and orlovs for example those from danemark, who sneaked up to our tents during we had a Little bbq. to their badluck one of our Team turned to get the ketchup and saw them. I have never seen that many burgers get thrown into air when getting some guns :-) and yeah, we got them by surprise. But for their cool Action, they got some swiss-chocolate.

- sniper-teams in the fu**ing middle of the "minefield" and not just once...
- lots of Players crossing the minefield with just Walking trough in the northern part. without any engineers
- we had some contact with vehicle Teams who unplugged their BAVs on purpose
- Last day-confusion... out of nowhere, some pmc got the Information, that we are enemies now and shot some of us direct in the face from 3m distance.
- "winning" by capturing rico.. sorry BE, but if a fraction kicks ass like the ravens, you cant just let the others win like that... even if the final capturing was pretty nice.

We had really fun and just went along with our Situation. Looking Forward to the next Event, which is comming soon.
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