What was your best Berget moment?

Feedback and debriefings from Berget 13
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Re: What was your best Berget moment?

Post by weiru » 10 Jul 2015, 12:15

fruhest wrote:Another of my favourite moments of the berget game was a while after we had returned the press to town after a little talk with our PR commander where he answered the questions they had.

So the press had not been good boys. They had been writing lies and blue propaganda under the deceitful claim of "free press".
Our new objective was to destroy their printer, so that they could not spread these harmful (and completely false) words. The problem was, the printer was in the bar. We couldn't just go in there and smash it to pieces, since the only real reason we had this mission from the beginning was to improve IKAROS relations to the villagers.
Our commander decided that we were to stage a bar fight, to divert attention from the printer long enough to destroy it. A group of norweigans (also under the commander) were to sit in the bar, having a good time, getting drunk and rowdy.
The commander then turned to me and said "Girl, you and your squad will enter the bar, these guys will try to flirt with you, you will slap one of them and then we'll all have a big fight. Sounds good, yes?"

In the end, I pushed one bloke of his chair when he tried to lay his arm around me, "Big guy with shiny nose" had a catfight with one of the norweigans, and "Toy boy" successfully destroyed the printer without anyone noticing.
Frantic police stormed the building and the biker gang were sad that they had been left out.

I heard some people actually thought it was a real fight. Good times.
I have been told one of the norweigans filmed the entire brawl, I'll return with the link as soon as I get it.
https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=TvW84i3PFlc And here is the movie, enjoy.
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Re: What was your best Berget moment?

Post by Bandyman87 » 09 Nov 2015, 16:40

Berget 13 was my first event I had been to and from the first day it was epic!
I was assigned to a platoon and we were tasked to recon our flank and head towards a CP. Having reached the top of a hill near our base we had very good eyes on the road and the CP and could see many cars making their way up and down the road so we knew there was heavy fighting. As soon as we had rested and the vehicles had passed we headed down the hill to try and cross and open field parallel to the road but as soon as we were half way 5 enemy mechs came down so we hit the ground.
It has to be the most fun and intense moment for me as we had 5 mechs with more coming just sitting on the road with us stuck in this open field, this was made worse by a drone that started to fly around the field so we all were still for about 40 minutes until finally the mechs moved on and at that point we legged it to a nearby woods.
Having gotten off the road we started heading to the CP again and were forced onto the road as the hill was getting to steep for us but about 5 minutes into the walk we were ambushed by 10 to 12 Danish guys and taken out immediately, they started treating our wounds when one guy said just kill them all and they started knifing us.
Best first day ever!

Would die another day :D
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