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Please share your feedback about Berget 18
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Re: Berget 18 - General Feedback

Post by Corleone » 21 Jul 2022, 01:06

First of all I'd like to thank everone who attended the game this year. Special thanks goes to everyone on the red faction for being who you are! I did not notice a single person leaving the game early, even when things got rough. The opposite seems to be the case with blues just about every year. The professionalism and friendlieness never ceases to amaze me. You have my utmost respect!

Lack of transparency by BE
Let's be clear about one thing, we were hit by a perfect storm of circumstances:
  • Everyone across the globe are still stumbling onto their feet after a 2+ year pandemic, which might not even be completely over yet (fingers crossed though!).
  • Gas, energy, food prices etc. etc. has gone through the roof lately. I am sure many could not afford the expenses anymore, much less the gas expenses for the trip to Sollefteå and back again.
  • There's a war currently being fought in Europe, and in the light of this I am sure not everybody felt like attending a milsim event. We most probably lost many community members on both sides in that war too.
  • There might be airsofters who lost their health or even their lives during the pandemic and many might have had a massive change of focus in their lives by having their first borns etc.
  • We also had extreme heat during all four game days, which certainly put it's toll on people and might have convinced some to stay at home.
Still we had over 2300 bookings at the berget portal, and during the purge at the beginning of March BE strangely removed the column displaying paid/unpaid status for every player.
I'm not gonna get conspiratorial, I'm not even gonna draw a conclusion from this. I believe anyone can draw reasonable conclusions from this info by themselves.

Lack of contingency plans by BE
When it turned out that we were significantly less than half of the normal attendance, BE appeared to do nothing to counter this. The entire game area, which is intended for +-2000 players remained unchanged. The distances to every single POI remained the same regardless of missing many players and mechanized units this year.
"How could this have been countered?" you might ask.
  • Berget-provided in-game shuttles (Didn't we use to have this in the old days?). Mechanized units that are operated by BE in service of the different factions. This could be a perk that you earn by completing objectives throughout the campaign (supply of such objectives provided on-the-fly by GMs for balancing purposes). I acknowledge that this might have been too costly for BE this year, which is why I have an alternative:
  • Sticky forward spawning points which can be earned through completing objectives the first 24-30 hours. By sticky I mean that this spawn point cannot be captured by opposing forces, just like the main base. This will effectively reduce the size of the main area for infantry units to regain a balance vs. the number of participants (hardcore milsim players will still have objectives far away and can also adjust themselves by not using these spawn points, or be downright refused to use them). This is both to counter extreme weather conditions and extremely low participation numbers, both of which we saw this year. Obviously this needs to be planned well ahead of time as proper contingency plan. It will probably not work by just throwing something together at the last moment. You will have to think of something similar for next year in case it turns out that we'll end up 640ish players again.
Capture points and the in-game point system
The capture points are seemingly only for respawning and not for completing objectives. There appears to be a lack of insentive to actually capture and hold CPs unless you have a mission in the area and need a spawn point for that. You get points, but no one can actually explain what they mean as they bear no significance in-game or after. Does the points indicate a "winner?" No one knows, and yet they are still displayed on the live-map as if being some kinda leftover parasitic game design.

Placements of CPs
Positioning of capture points was completely FUBAR this year. They were hidden so well that any attacking party would have little to no chance of identifying and capturing it. Defenders would easily hold it since we did not know what and where we were attacking. Many people never even found some of the CPs, and those that did spent hours looking for it while getting shot out by defenders. Normally a POI would be visually identifiable, which was not the case since BE had chosen to not use the boards/boxes that normally indicates the capture point. They were hidden so well and sometimes in such a rough terrain that I suspect it was done by a sadistic gym teacher in love with orienteering. In the end I fear this was due to economical and/or time restrictions, but this should not be acceptable when you pay to attend the event. While being a proper challenge it worked to the detriment of the game balance and enjoyment of the game.

Game balance and rule enforcement
From what I heard the reds were approx 230, the blues some 120 more aka 350 and the yellows approx. 60. I also heard that yellows were used once again as a balancing tool, just like during B15. This time to throw the game balance completely off whack as we were now 230 vs 410 at game-on. Do the GMs and BE crew have absolutely no respect for their paying customers?! Please stop using entire factions as a crowbar to steer the game development in the direction you want things to move. Instead give players the respect and freedom they deserve and use proper game mechanics if you want to continue to micromanage and script your games.

Before I continue I want to spend a moment to define what a game is: A game is a set of rules acting as a framework for how play is conducted. You could compare it to the automatic triggers in any computer game only it's not automatic. Hence you need rules to tell all the players what happens and how to react if certain criteria is met.
This framework has to be rigid so people can know what to expect. If it's not Eg. constantly changing rules and/or mechanics, this will cause uncertainty and over time players will refuse to parttake in the game anymore. Why did I need to specify this? There are a few points to it:
  • At our first encounter with the Crows, I saw their dead moving around (wearing death rags) after being shot out. It was not clear if this was by the book or cheating, althought I suspected the aforementioned and let it go without discussion. This was based on my previous experience with BE & Jimmi during B15, when us yellows got thrown special rules left and right throughout the game. Without this experience I could only have assumed that they were cheating, and unnecessary discussions could have ensued and grinded the game to a halt for everyone in that encounter. These are game-breaking moments that no one wants to experience!
  • The previous point could have easily been clarified both in the official rules and in a live-feed from BE. The latter would be to confirm new or unique game mechanics, on-the-go changes to ROE etc. without much hassle and give little room for misunderstandings. It's actually something I suggested and campaigned for after that fateful B15 game. Yet nothing happened on BE's side of things and continues to cause confusion and give room for in-game fights and discussions over cheating. Ironically Ehasa had such a live feed at TSTOS when we attended the year after in 2018 and it worked perfectly.
  • When a special faction obeys by other basic rules, confusion ensues and it becomes hard for the rest of the community to regulate these players. The most practical thing is to have a core set of rules and mechanics that everyone abides by, a fundament so to speak. This is to streamline the experience as everyone does a recognizeable routine, which can be observed by everyone else and deemed within the rules or cheating. After all this is not a pc game where things are automatically enforced by triggers. Instead the community as a whole acts as a self-regulating unit through observation and accusations of cheating if necessary.
    Ironically the self-heal game mechanics worked to the detriment for the Crows, and we did not suffer as a consequence. I am however really sorry for the yellow players who had to suffer through this half-developed idea of a game mechanic.
  • IF BE still insists on having a faction with continiously changing rules of engagement, then you absolutely MUST have an official live-feed where these rules can be laid out explicitly for everyone to see. This is so that we can cross-reference players behaviour with what's being told by BE themselves. This could have saved us yellow players at B15 so much grief when we were accused of cheating when insta-planting mines etc.etc. All of these special rules/perks were provided to us by Jimmy but collided with the afforementioned framework provided in the game rules. The implications of this cannot be understated. My best suggestion is to have a rigid framework of main mechanics which remains firm regardless of faction. Then you can have secondary rules/systems where there's more freedom to tweak and tune during the game, because these are less important to the fundamentals of the game.
Smaller stuff
  • Too few water tanks in the field, especially considering the extreme temperatures. HQ had to have water freighted out mid-game.
  • A guy above here had the wonderful idea of displaying all water tanks on the game map. I highly suggest you have a button to display offgame infrastructure like this, toilets etc. with a click of a button. Possibly auto-toggle off all in-game POIs
With all this said, please don't get me wrong; I love Berget as much as anyone here. This post is not meant as a bashing of BE, and I certainly hope you find it as constructive as it is intended! To stay relevant one must listen and adapt, and this is the only way forward if our beloved sport will be able to survive. Especially when considering this years number of participants. I hope to parttake in a better than ever game next year.

Love and respect,
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Re: Berget 18 - General Feedback

Post by leonidas » 22 Jul 2022, 08:35

Having read all the previous posts on this topic, I have to admit that I agree with a lot, but I also disagree with a lot. My take on this year's event follows:
  • Organisation wise (base facilities, etc) Berget Events did ok, considering the weather conditions. We had a little issue with water supply in the blue base, but it got solved quickly (plus we weren't in the base that much)
  • Player balance: I am completely unaware of the final numbers of people that attended this year's event, but from my point of view, I cannot say that there was a huge problem with player balance. The reds gave us a good fight. I might be wrong though
  • Mission planning, etc: This is a difficult one, depends on the faction and the unit. But like someone else mentioned, if your unit has nothing to do, you can always walk up to the HQ and get it sorted. Most of the time you make your game good or bad at Berget
  • Read some general complaints about e.g., resupply of water in game, etc. I can understand that coming from a noob. For the rest of us, though, it should be crystal clear. Especially for milsim players. We have to plan and be prepared for anything, including contingencies for almost everything. Water, food, batteries, BBs, first aid kits, etc etc. Nobody is going to be there for you 24/7, doesn't happen in any game. Fair criticism is constructive and if you don't agree with me on this, it's perfectly fine
  • Communication is key. Like some red players mentioned, put some effort in replying to any form of communication coming from command and/or Berget Events. At least then you have earned your right to complain if things don't turn out to be what you expected. Plus you are helping HQ plan a much better experience for you
  • Rules: You. Have. To. Read. Them. Yes, it's a lot of rules. Yes, some of them are not even followed by the organisers (e.g., no magazines over 100bbs). But please do your part and read them. The tank driver, for example, has enough in his head to think about incoming BBs too
  • Berget Events: It is true that the quality of Berget games has been on the decline for some years now (since Berget 12 in my humble opinion). It is a sad fact. However, most of us keep coming back, no matter how frustrated we might be after each year's event. Personally I think that this event could be much better, but that's easy for me to say, I don't have to plan for a 1800+ people event. Bottom line is, we all love this event for a myriad of different reasons. Let's hope that we can all meet up every year for many years to come. I need to get my veteran patch next year after all :P
That was just my two cents, I definitely forgot to mention a million other things, but I don't want to bore people to death. Opinions are my own, feel free to disagree, it's a free world (at least some of it)
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